Sunday, September 30, 2007

An Historic Day

Welcome to my very first blog entry. This is like my grand opening sale, maiden voyage, or a day that will go down in infamy. I have put off starting a blog for some time. The main reason is that I can't stand the name "blog". Now that I have my own blog I am pretty much dominating the internet, but I would like to make some more changes. My first order of business if elected President of the internet will be to change the word blog to something cool like Zorg. I would also like to offer college credit for frequent visitors to this site.

I am looking forward to sharing some of my favorite things here. They have been bottled up in my mind and palm pilot for years. It is time for them to come forth. Some of these will no doubt be unique concepts and lofty ideals which edify and inspire the soul, but most will probably be funny Yotube links of people throwing up or wiping out.


Weston and Emily Ricks said...
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Angie said...

Hey, Chaka. I'm looking forward to many great and insightful posts. For example, I too would like to hear about the world of Trolls... and the world of Chakas.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Zorg-o-sphere. We have been awaiting your arrival....we will take you to our leader.

But seriously, you haven't proven anything until you can show that you won't forget about this blog next some others are prone to do.

And since you promise some interesting reading, I think it's high time the zorg arena gets the official write-up on the world of Trolls.