Saturday, December 1, 2007


Some shallow people base their sense of self worth on how attractive they are, how much money they make, or how much education they have. I base mine on how many comments I get on my blog.

I am really not that insecure, but I do gauge how I am doing on dominating the Internet by getting feedback. The good people at Google were kind enough to include a feedback features on this site called comment bars. Since I started this blog, it's user activity has gone through the roof. I have had a couple web administrators contact me to see why there is such large percentage of Internet activity centered around this blog. They said they will no longer allow me to have a visitor site counter because I keep burning out the motor that runs it and I'm putting a strain on their servers.

I have been getting phone calls, nice e-mails, fan mail, and gifts, but despite this, people have not been commenting very much on the actual site. So this is my plea: if you have any insights about any of the posts or if I specifically ask for ideas or suggestions, I hope you would feel free to comment, (not to feed my ego), but for the benefit of the hundreds of thousands of people who regularly and religiously frequent Chaka's World. I know it may be intimidating to share your thoughts with the unknown masses, but you will be glad you did.

I have received many good suggestions and comments from people and you can see I have incorporated their ideas into the posts. I want to thank all who have commented in the past. I take all the suggestions seriously and promise to read all of your comments no matter how many hours it may take on my part.


Weston and Emily Ricks said...

You might consider sending an email to the masses when you put up a new post. I know they're already sending you flowers and fan mail, but an email says, "Please view my blog and post a comment."

Beckalita said...


Beckalita said...

Dude! How did you get to be such a stud?

MikkSolo said...

I hope you bring back HOT SAUCE someday!