Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Super Powers

The topic of super powers is one that most guys have probably wasted a lot of time thinking about over the course of their lives. There are so many good powers to choose from, but I think being able to read a person's mind has to be at the top of the list. You could make a good living as a salesman without having to go through all the numbers.

I've always thought that having special vision would also be a cool. This might include X ray vision, having eagle eyes that could see details at long distances, or being able to see in the dark.

If I had the power of super human strength and I was walking around in the desert and came across an old rusted out abandoned car, I'm afraid I would probably be tempted to see how far I could throw it just for fun. That probably explains why I have not been entrusted with that particular power yet.

I actually do have a super power, but it kind of sucks. It is the heightened ability to hear water dripping and running. I can hear a drippy faucet on the other side of the house and can sense whenever sprinklers or a water softener is running no matter how noisy the surroundings may be.

My special water senses are actually more of a curse since I sometimes wake up at night when I hear the pipes hissing that nobody else seems to notice. I always imagine something like the picture to the right happening somewhere in my house when I hear those water noises. I'm kind of like Aqua Man but in reverse since water freaks me out.

My super powers of water sound sensitivity only stress me out. If I do happen to find leaking water, there is not much I can do about it except call another super hero named plumber man. He has the super power of getting people to pay him tons of money for his work. Now that's a real super power.


Kal said...

I have the power to tell when the phone is going to ring a half second before it does. It won't make me an X-man but...meh.

elesa said...

Like most superheroes, your gift is a blessing and a curse. I'm sure spiderman feels your pain.

I think I'd like to have super speed. to be able to do stuff 100 times faster than normal would just be really nice. and then I would have more time to watch TV.

Pedaling said...

Having the ability to read someone's mind could really backfire.