Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Embarrassing Confessions

I thought I would try to spice up Chaka's World from it's current stagnant state by confessing some embarrassing personal things about myself. I figure I might as well start some juicy gossip about myself now so if I ever run for president and someone else digs up dirt on me, it will steal their thunder. I am willing to put myself in a vulnerable position in front of millions hundreds of potential readers if it will rejuvenate my blog. Here are five confessions.

Just last week I realized that jello shots contain alcohol. When I had seen movies or heard references to jello shots at parties, I just assumed those people partying were just big jello enthusiasts like myself and Bill Cosby. I guess I am just naive, but I still think slurping up just plain jello cubes at a party sounds fun.

I can't drive a stick shift. This has always haunted me. I drove one for about 10 minutes nearly 30 years ago during drivers ed, but have not practiced since then. I'm pretty sure if you ever have an emergency and ask me to drive you to the hospital in your manual transmission car, the clutch would be destroyed by the time we got there. I know some car and driver enthusiasts prefer a manual transmission, but they also probably wear special gloves to enhance their driving experience. Why make it more complicated than it needs to be?

I was having my oil changed last week and the mechanic asked me if I was excited for the Super Bowl. I said yes and then the he asked me who I was rooting for. I froze when I realized I could not even name one team in the playoffs. It's not that I don't like football, I just have not followed it one bit this year. I was going to fake a seizure to get out of the awkward situation, but then abruptly changed the subject and said something about how I can't wait for all of the super bowl food and he agreed with me. I've never had or been to a Super Bowl party in my life and am secretly jealous of those of you who do.

I lied to the Red Cross when they called me to donate blood last night. I told them I hadn't been feeling well. I didn't tell them it was due to a dislocated finger as opposed to being sick. I donated a couple months ago so I didn't feel too bad for putting them off. I guess when I get craving  famous Amos cookies and apple juice I will schedule a new appointment.

This exact thing really did happen to me this week.
Also for one final embarrassing update, I think I like Pinterest more than any other social media site. I made fun of it forever for being such a chick thing, but I really like all the pictures and it doesn't require much reading. If you ask me, that sounds more like a dumb guy thing.


mCat said...

The finger looks/sounds horrid and I find that a perfectly acceptable excuse for not donating.

I too mostly just look forward to the Super Bowl party food. Of which I throw an AWESOME one.

Just no jello shots :)

Mary said...

The ten minutes I attempted to drive a stick shift was during my engagement under my fiance's tutelage. It was such a hideous and tramautic experience that the engagement was almost called off by BOTH of us!

Sorry about your finger- ouch!

Dr Zibbs said...

Great post.