Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Gender of Restaurants

I was recently speaking with a friend and she commented how Carl's Jr. is obviously a guy's restaurant because they promote big messy burgers and frequently have scantily clad women promoting their food. That got thinking about what gender certain restaurants appeal to. I am not saying people who go to these restaurants are masculine or feminine, but some food chains cater or appeal to a certain gender more than others. Here are some restaurants that came to mind.

Carls Junior
Burger King
Outback Steakhouse
Hooters (going out on a limb with this one)
Tony Romas
Texas Roadhouse

These places are usually packed with guys. Many of restaurants that cater to guys also feature flat screen TV's which are constantly showing sports programs.

Panda Express
Mimi's Cafe 
The Olive Garden

Mimi's Cafe not only sounds feminine, but it's architecture looks like a cute little house you might see at Disneyland. That's probably not the best draw for a guy's night out, even if the food is good.

I know there are many guys who might prefer a light salad or chicken and there are women who prefer burgers or steak so don't think I'm trying to stereotype all men and women. If you feel that your gender has been threatened from my list, then I apologize. I am not trying to insinuate anything about the patrons of these restaurants or my readers.

I would be interested in knowing if you can think of any other restaurants that jump out to you as catering to more of a male or female clientele.


Mary said...

Paradise Bakery & Zupas always seems to be overly inundated with females; Good places for girlfriends to "do lunch" together.

Tom said...

Good call on Zupas. How did I forget that?

Kelly said...

Cafe Rio- girls
Porter's Place in Lehi Utah-Boys

M-Cat said...

Cheesecake factory = chicks. Most def

And now, I am craving an Outback steak. It's been years!

Crystal Pistol said...

Interesting post.

My husband would say any place that serves sushi is for chicks. He acts real sullen and hungry whenever I choose it. So now I go alone or with my mother.

I love sushi.