Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things That Bug Me

Sometimes I find that certain little things bug me. Not that you care, but I thought I'd list some of the smaller things in life that frequently irritate me.

-When people talk about themselves in the third person. Chaka hates it when people do this!

-When people use the word "anywho". It also bothers me when they say they "drive truck" or that a book was "a good read". This is crazy Tarzan talk if you ask me. The only thing that is worse than this is when people say "believe you me" Yoda talk is actually worse than Tarzan talk.

-I hate it when you try to bypass an automated phone recording by pushing 0, but it only starts the recording back from the very beginning again to punish you for that renegade move.

-The ads on websites that start playing loud audio clips while you are trying to read or watch something online. They are usually hidden and hard to find what it producing the obnoxious noise.

-When girls snap and chew gum loudly and roll it around in their mouth for you to see what color it is.

-When someone puts you on speaker phone without permission and you can hardly hear what they are saying and don't know who else is listening.

-People referring to themselves as being a twenty, thirty or forty something... Is the "something" supposed to make it more mysterious or are they only willing to update their profile or tell you how old they are every 10 years? I don't get it.

-When people staple papers straight across the top instead of on a nice slant in the corner that is more conducive to the future natural folding of the pages.

-When guys pull up to an intersection in their car with windows down and they crank their music up super loud to show how great their speakers are, especially when it's rap music with filthy lyrics.

-When a fast food place screws up your order at the drive through and you drive away before checking for accuracy.

-It also bugs me when people whine and complain about stuff like I have been doing since you started reading this post. Sorry.


Jen Yak said...

I'll be forever grateful to you for teaching me how to staple properly.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Speaker phones are my pet peeve too. That drives me nuts.

Happy weekend, jj

Pedaling said...

The fast food drive-thru thing...drives me absolutely insane.
Happens to me all the time. You'd think I'd check the dang bag before driving away.

Kristina P. said...

Kristina approves.

Lisa said...

Now I'll make a point to staple correctly.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't bug me to read your list though!

mCat said...

I now have learned the art of perfect stapling. Duly noted.

I will refrain from snapping my gum. I don't roll it around, but it just snaps all on it's own. Will make a better effort.

And can I add - people who eat with their mouths open. Lips smacking, chewing opening. Ick

Pearl said...

Yes! The punishment for the "renegade move" -- being sent back to the beginning of the "if you want this, press this" line -- is perfect. I am punished regularly for my impertinence...


Kelly said...

That was a great list. I had never thought about the staple-slant thing. That is totally going to bug me now.

I hate it when my kids come in and wake me with the brilliant excuse that "they couldn't sleep" well- THANKS! now I can't either. Happy?!

I also hate mumblers~

Rochelle said...

I am guilty of some of these. Talking about myself as the third person, and the stapling. Thanks for sharing this. I thought the others were amusing. I enjoyed reading it :-)