Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Celebrity Endorsements

Famous actors have it good. If their career slows down and they don't feel like making movies or getting involved in a TV series, they can always turn to commercials. Many actors have endorsed products over the years, but some are more memorable than others. Here are some that come to mind.

Bill Cosby- Jello
Florence Henderson-Wesson Oil
Dennis Haysbert-Allstate
William Shatner-Priceline
Catherine Zeta Jones- T Mobile
Jamie Lee Curtis-Activia Yogurt
Wilford Brimley-Quaker Oats

If I could endorse a product it would be Toblerone chocolate. I'd end each commercial by raising my eyebrows and smiling as I snapped off a triangle of chocolate and popped it in my mouth. Maybe if the good people at Toblerone>Kraft>Phillip Morris would finally get with it and realize that I have been promoting their product and doing free subliminal advertising for them on my blog for years, then they might finally give me some free goods. If they don't get their act together soon, I may just have to drop my unofficial sponsorship of them and start promoting Sweets chocolate covered orange sticks in an effort to make them jealous. The recent Tiger Woods news and his subsequent loss of endorsements should have given them a wake up call. It works both ways!

I'm afraid I may have to make a couple movies first and get famous before they listen to me. Sometimes getting free candy is harder than it seems.


peewee said...

Maybe if you twitter about it....they may just hire you. Though I saw a news report or something like that, on how those companies hire tasters to endlessly test their products. Screw commercials! I want THAT job. To think, I wasted ALL those yrs in college for what???

Kristina P. said...

Can I endorse The Hoff?

Oh My Goddess said...

I love Toberlone.
Take me to your leader.

Mary said...

Happy New Year Chaka. May 2010 bring you health, happiness and prosperity in addition to that Toblerone spot.

Eric said...

Free Toblerone is exactly why I fly Lufthansa to Europe. Well that, and the hot German flight attendant ladies.

Chaka said...

I was going to list Charlie Sheen on this post for his Hanes commercial, but I felt inspired not to. Who would have thought that an underwear spokesman can't make death threats to his wife? Maybe they should just give him an exclusive for the wife beater undershirt product.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

When I was a kid we actually visited the Toblerone factory in Bern Switzerland. They had a room at the end of the tour where all the broken pieces went. They put the plastic booties on us, gave us a box and rubber gloves and let us go nuts in there. I swear I still have chocolate melting in my underwear because of all the extra I stuffed down my pants when my box got full.

LegalMist said...

In the words of Homer Simpson:

"mmmmm... Toblerone...."

If you figure out a way to get them for free, you *must* share!

Ocean Girl said...

That triangle design is a work of a genius. I used to love Toblerone in college when I could barely afford it but now not much anymore. They do need to get their act together and hire cute endorsers.

Chaka said...

When I got home from work today I had an anonymous package delivered in the mail. I opened it up and it was stuffed with a variety of Toblerones. Thanks to the generous reader out there. That was very nice! Ask and ye shall receive. I think I will do a blog post about Dodge Vipers tomorrow and see how that works.

Lisa79846 said...

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