Monday, January 18, 2010

My Embarrassing Confession

I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I think it's time to come out of the closet about something that most people don't approve of. I like techno music. This kind of music is also know by names like electronic, dance, trance, big beat, ambient, etc. I know it is usually monotonous, repetitious and predictable, but I still like it. Some people might say "that is so 90's or so Eastern European", but I don't care. I have always liked rock, classical, and 80's music, but I first suspected I was different when I heard the Art of Noise and liked it. I'm not into the dance club scene at all, I just prefer music without lyrics.

I suppose there are some lyrics in that genre of music, but it is usually just a random phrase repeated over and over. I am still torn on this subject, because despite liking many songs I hear, if my headphones ever came out and the music I was listening to played out loud in public I would be embarrassed of it. At least I haven't encountered foul language with this type of music. Just random phrases like "The weekend starts here" or "we got a winner" repeated over and over.

One advantage I have to listening to this kind of music is that if (when) I become a spy and am captured behind enemy lines and they try to wear me down and break me by forcing me to listen to techno music for days on end, I will have built up a resistance to it's mind numbing effects. I'm not really gung-ho for it or going to start any clubs, but I like it enough to feel a little guilty. Lately on Pandora I have been listening to stuff ranging from Moby, Infected Mushroom, Propellerheads, Fat Boy Slim, The Crystal Method, Juno Reactor, etc.

Writing about this topic brought back some memories to an old Home Star Runner segment which I have attached. I'm afraid I can't hold a candle to Strong Bad's interpretation of techno music. . I strongly suggest you click on the link.


The mad woman behind the blog said...

Um. Yes, I would be embarassed too. But I'll also be sure to tune in for any other chuckle-worthy tidbits.
Do you listen to pandora? My confession is that I made a station named ColdPlay. For some strange reason they play a lot of techno on it. Strange, I say.

Shana said...

I used to love Art of Noise. I still have cassette tapes of them!

Eric said...

'boing, boom, schuck...'
- Kraftwerk

Dr Zibbs said...

Some chicks got me into a club one time in Vegas and they were playing this music. I couln't stand it.

Kelly said...

Love home star- he's a favorite in our home. Not sure if you were a reader one year ago but I did a pretty good home star cake for my 15 year old.

You should try listening to Crazy Frog's techno stuff.

Bobby G said...

Techno is THE WORST!!!!!! Every song sounds the same and they all have that explosion in the middle! lol

Chaka said...

That's exactly why I'm embarrassed.