Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groaner Jokes

I'm not a fan of Laffy Taffy. I don't like the artificial taste or the lame jokes that follow after my kids open one up. Most of the jokes are horrible. You might expect to hear something like this: What time is it when you go to the dentist? Tooth Hurty. Their jokes are so bad that they give me confidence to share an original lame jokes I made up years ago. What do you call it when several people riding in a car together drive into a tunnel and get dizzy? Carpool tunnel syndrome.

Warning: The following paragraph will make you groan after reading it. Proceed at your own risk.

Most people agree that Gandhi was an amazing man. We know that he shunned technology and often walked long distances barefoot which gave him callouses. He had great wisdom and came across as a mystical sage when he spoke. He was also known for making great sacrifices including fasting frequently, which can give one bad breath. He was not a man of great physical stature and would get sick and frail from his prolonged fasts. If you combine all of these attributes you might describe him as a "Super Calloused Fragile Mystic Plagued with Halitosis".

No offense to Gandhi, but the word play fits. I'm sorry, but I'm too busy to come up with a good post this morning.


Kristina P. said...

Haha. I think it's funny, even if groan worthy.

LegalMist said...

You're right. A groaner. But if I'm honest, I'll confess I chuckled, too. :)

Eric said...

Puns are the best and purest form of humor.

The Mauermans said...

Chaka, "when is a car not a car? When it turns into a driveway"

Ocean Girl said...

Are you sure they are taking after their Dad.

I groaned when I saw the title and the picture of Gandhi.

Mary said...

It's groan worthy, but I laughed afterward. Have a great day. Mary