Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Power of Words

Words are very powerful, so I am surprised, yet glad we don't need a license to use them. A dictionary can be like an arsenal if you choose your words right. Just ask a salesman or politician how important word choice is. Sometimes it bothers me to hear people dance around in circles with their extensive vocabulary and never really say anything or take a stand. This sort of hollow talk is always useful if you intend to change your position and don't ever want to offend any particular group of voters.

I don't want to get off on a political tangent so let's return to the topic of words. I have a limited vocabulary and there are some words that I like the sound of and there are also many I dislike. Here are some words that I like the sound of, but I never use them.


A name that I think is interesting, but just don't understand is Preakness. I'm not into horse racing at all, but I think the Preakness is a weird name. It sounds more like an All Star Wrestler's name than an equestrian event.

Here are some lame words I refuse to use:

I'd like to know what words you like and which ones you hate. I will now turn the time over to my valued readers and the comment box.


Pearl said...

I don't have any words I don't care for, but I have two -- two! -- friends who specifically hate hte word "moist".


Kristina P. said...

I have used bombastic on multiple occasions, which has usually been followed with by "ass."

I do like the word exacerbate.

Ocean Girl said...


I like the sound of it, and I would like to use it to describe what kind of person I am.

But won't that make me sound lame?

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

One of my favorite words has always been "harbinger".

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

My Favorite Words-

Caribbean (both pronunciations)

Least Favorite Words-


I also absolutely love the word 'squieful'- not a real word but a made up one from word verification. Current one to add this comment is also terrific - 'poormona'

Kelly said...

I hate the word slacks. I totally use the word bombastic though- it's a favorite of mine. I can't believe you don't say munchies. What do you say instead when you are hungry for a between meal snack?

Shana said...

I actually like the word condiment!!
Derelict is a great word

I love reading the dictionary.. just to find new words. I also tend to make words up to fit situations!!

Chaka said...

Ocean Girl-I think that sounds cool.
Cal-I have never been an ointment fan either.
Kelly-Munchies is just too nerdy. I say snack or treat instead (I know- they are not much better)

Atzimba said...

I don't think I have particular words that I like or dislike in English. But in Spanish, "pataditas" makes me laugh. Being pregnant right now... that word does not make me laugh much since that's what I feel throughout the day in my ribs... not that I am complaining, I am grateful.

MikkSolo said...

Navel- Belly button is so much better!

Captain Mystery said...

Treasure "trove"
What is that? It sounds horrible. I prefer to say a vast assortment of glimmering treasure in a pile.

Captain Mystery said...

Also, I hate it when people call it an Ipod Nano. Just call it an Ipod. I know there are different kinds, but I don't like the nano attachment.