Saturday, March 6, 2010

To Make a Long Story Short

Once while I was at work, I took a phone call from a guy and he started the conversation (aka his one way monologue) by saying "30 second story" and then he proceeded to talk for about 5 minutes. He told me several more 30 second stories over the course of a 9 minute phone call.
Sometimes I hear people say "to make a long story short" midway through a lengthy story. Whenever I hear this, I think of the scene in the movie Clue when a lady had been talking non stop for several minutes, then says "to make a long story short", and Martin Mull chimes in and says "too late!" By the way, not many movies live up to the actual board game. Clue was okay, but it was nothing like Monopoly, or Sorry.

So if you are going to make a long story short, really do it. Use abbreviations, talk fast, or only tell the highlights. If you don't, then it's like saying here's a funny joke, then telling a story which is actually sad and depressing.

I'd have to rank this as one of my worst posts, but I know there are Chaka's World addicts out there who need their daily fix. If this post were a food it would be Top Ramen. I didn't even include a picture to spice it up either. I'm sorry and some day hope to provide you with Filet Mignon instead.


Kelly said...

Quick story: When I was a young woman I only knew how to make Top Ramon and Noodle Roni. Noodle Roni is like Rice-a-Roni but with noodles instead of rice. One time I invited my boy friend over to eat some Noodle Roni and I acted like I was really a much better cook but just happened to make this on a whim, and would he like to share it with me? He enjoyed it so much I made it regularly when I knew he'd be walking by outside my apartment on his way home from class. Soon he figured out I couldn't cook. But now I can, so it all worked out. And now that man is my husband...

Kristina P. said...

Hey, I'm going to ChuckARama for dinner tonight. I clearly don't even need to dine on Top Ramen.

Eric said...

Sometimes a short story takes longer for me to read than a novel.

Top Ramen is ok, isn't it?

Ocean Girl said...

I've had too much Maggi Mee (our Top Ramen). A Filet Mignon would be nice.

But when people say to make a long story short, they mean they are finally going to end the long story. It is suppose to be good news when you finally hear that.

Chaka said...

Kelly- I love Noodle Roni, how could he not marry you after making that?
Eric- Ramen is fine, but it's hard to find on the menu at many fine dining establishements.