Monday, July 19, 2010

An Apology to My Fellow Bloggers

Over the last few weeks I have gotten out of my usual blogging routine. I had some minor surgery and then a few days later went to scout camp for a week to recuperate. As a result, I have not posted as faithfully as I would have liked to. Even worse than my neglect for my own blog is the long term trend of neglect towards the many blogs I like to follow. Over the last couple of months I have had a hard time visiting them. I am sorry about this and will commit to visit the 100 or so blogs I follow within the next 30 days.

Some of you might ask how I will be able to do this while working two jobs and trying to carry out my other family, community, and church responsibilities. I will probably drop more important things in order to make the time. Being "busy" is a relative thing.  Occasionally I will run across a person who is complaining about how busy they are. They will say something like "I'm just swamped, I'm a newlywed, in school, and working part time". What I would give to experience that again. That person's nightmare is my dream vacation and their sympathy story with sad background violins quickly turns into amusing circus music as I laugh at their comment. I'm not trying to be rude or outdo anyone, but just be careful who you complain to about certain things.

As busy as I think I am, my wife has an even more hectic schedule than I do. She is beyond burning the candle at both ends, she has actually dropped her candle in a lava pit. I know if we keep up our insane schedules then we will either burn out or eventually go postal. I just hope that doesn't happen when someone is attempting to tell us how busy their life is.

I have learned that one of the main reasons why people are so busy is because of trying to earn enough money to survive, I'm pretty sure my wife and I would still work 4 jobs even if we were multi-millionaires-NOT! So in an effort to relieve some stress, I am going to open up a primo advertising spot on my blog. For only $999 per month you can rent some space on Chaka's World and get you message out to nearly half a dozen people every single day!

I am expecting responses from companies like Nike, McDonalds, Coke, and Disneyland, but if those don't pan out I will drop the price for teenagers who are willing to pay a couple bucks to announce things like "Steve Holt Rules!" Does this count as Internet panhandling?


Cheeseboy said...

If I had something to advertise, I'd definitely buy the space.

You went to scout camp to recoup? What the crap? When I get home from scout camp I need two more vacations. They are exhausting.

Kristina P. said...

I've been hoping Snuggie would pay me to be their spokesperson. Guess I need to keep dreaming.

Chaka said...

Cheeseboy- The recuperate part was sarcasm.
Kristina- How can you not be the Snuggie spokesperson? Nobody deserves it more. You've dedicated your life to the cause.

Kelly said...

Don't be too hard on yourself for not visiting or posting. We know you have a lot going on.

You can skip my blog and go kiss one of your 9 kids goodnight instead tonight.

Good luck with your advertising venture.

Jeanne said...

I actually know a guy named Steve Holt....

Hope things calm down for you soon. My schedule is a little less crazy than yours, but I'm not getting shit done on my novel.

So there you are.

Bee and Rose said...

You'll do anything for a buck, huh?! lol!

I feel your pain...blogging's been on my back burner for actually feels good to be back...I find it very stress relieving!

Feel better soon!