Monday, October 10, 2011

Misquoted Lyrics

Have you ever sung a song only to later learn that you were singing the wrong words?  Around Christmas time I sometimes hear little kids singing about "Round John Virgin" while singing Silent Night. Manfred Man has a song called Blinded by the Light. Part of the lyrics are as follows: "revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night". I'm not going to tell you all the different versions of this song I have heard people sing over the years.

Speaking of misquoted lyrics, despite being a great patriotic song, the Star Spangled Banner has also put hundreds of performers to shame. It probably wouldn't be so hard to sing if the lyrics were written by Rebecca Black instead of Francis Scott Key. I imagine it might sound more like this: "Is the flag still there? Oh yah, we so excited..."

Here are some lyrics from songs that can be a little unclear at times. I don't know if it is the fault of the performer or just inattentive listeners, but I've heard the parts of the following songs sung as follows.

"...On a corn dog's winter night"- REO Speedwagon- I can't stop this feeling

"...The Dukes of Hazzard in the classroom"- Pink Floyd- The Wall

"...Don't put the blame on the diet seven up"- Cory Hart-Sunglasses at night

"...Dirty deeds and the dunder chief"- AC/DC- Dirty Deeds

Luckily I don't have much of a singing voice so I don't have to worry about getting caught singing the wrong words to songs unless someone happens to plant a bug in my car. If you can think of any other frequently mis-sung or just misunderstood lyrics, let me know in the comments section.


Kristina P. said...

I like being an imbecile and singing the wrong lyrics.

Jen Yak said...

Fleetwood Mac Edge of Seventeen- sounds like she's singing "just like the world we know", but it is "just like the white winged dove."

Jimmy Hendrix sounds like "scuse me while I kiss this guy"- really "scuse me while I kiss the sky."

Crystal Pistol said...

I am forever singing the wrong lyrics to songs. I gave up being embarrassed by it long ago. I just can't keep 'em straight. There are so many many songs to sing! :)

oceangirl said...

I really don't know why, but this must be the fool in your heart - Living In A Box

Eric said...

Almost anything by the 'Scorpions' or 'Mazzy Star' messes me up. These are all great, especially the 'Dukes of Hazzard' one.

Isn't it weird how you can listen to Ozzy Osborne talk and not understand a word, but the lyrics are surprisingly understandable?

Tom said...

Jen- Good job for being familiar with so much old school music.

Eric- I agree about Ozzy. I have also wondered why Australlian and British singers lose their accents when they sing?

M-Cat said...

Dude! So those are the REAL lyrics to Blinded by the Light? Seriously never knew and never bothered to look them up. I always thought (and sung) them as involving a Summer's Eve product and could never figure out what the crap they meant.

*shakes head*!

CuriousSmith said...

Great blog, Tom! I will now be a regular visitor... My contribution to overheard misquoted lyrics? "I never met Madonna" instead of "para bailar la Bamba" from Ritchie Valens' song. "I never met Madonna...I wish I had, I wish I had, I wish I had."

Tom said...

I recently heard someone sing Elton John's Tiny Dancer "Hold me closer Tony Danza"

Tom said...

I recently heard someone sing Elton John's Tiny Dancer "Hold me closer Tony Danza"

Tom said...

Rihanna's song sounds like "We fell in love in a pouring rain."