Thursday, May 28, 2009

Extreme Sports Analysis

I am not a big motorcycle enthusiast. I'm embarrassed to admit I have never even driven a motorcycle before. I have only reached the level of motor scooter driver which is pretty low on the motorcycle hierarchy of coolness.

Despite my lack of biking skills, I am totally in awe when it comes to freestyle motocross athletes. I still can't believe what some guys like Travis Pastrana do at the X games. I think it is crazy enough to go off a jump, but to climb off your bike and do several tricks while in the air is insane. It's "look mom, no hands" on steroids. I could watch freestyle stuff forever without getting tired of it.

As cool as I think that is, I'm not a fan of most of the sports featured at the X games, which I would classify as part of the family of loitering sports (skate boarding, bike tricks, haki sack, etc). There just seems to be something about the rebellious attitude associated with these sports I don't care for. I suspect one prepares for these sports at an early age by cutting class, wearing baggy pants and doing skateboard tricks in the parking lot. How's that for a judgemental generalization?

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching these amazing athletes do their cool stunts and amazing moves on YouTube, but the extreme sports culture just doesn't appeal to me. The daredevil gene is very recessive in my family line, but we do have a strong preservation gene that keeps us away from most dangerous activities. It's things like a failed superman that keep me content as a spectator of these sports. I'm sure a lot of those bikers would be jealous of me if they saw how good I am at checkers and puzzles!


Big D said...

recessive gene, that's funny. I actually have a dominant gene for TV watching, couch-sitting and desert devouring. My wife is currently looking for the elusive cure for all of the above. However; the scientist she contracted to do the work hasn't found the time due to his "inability to stay on task" gene... sad, isn't it.

peewee said...

Oh. That video made my day. It was even better than people's court! And I LOVE how you called them "loitering sports!" HAHAHHAHAHAH!

There IS a reason Hackey Sack's haven't made it to the Olympics.

Kristina P. said...

My husband really wants a Harley. I am a mean wife and won't let him get one.

Eric said...

You never see the extreme motorcyclists with a sidecar. I think that would probably add an element of interest heretofore unseen.

Mary said...

You guys have this covered. I just dropped in to say hello. As you were!

Andrew Rodriguez said...

Hey Chaka,
To answer your question on scooter ownership, My thoughts on it revolve around support after the sale. Yamaha and Honda dealerships have mechanics trained to support their products, whereas who supports the no name Korean imports, not that there is anything wrong with them. If you get one let me know!