Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Good Sneeze

I have always wondered if others perceive certain experiences in life like I do or if their perceptions are completely different. I understand that everyone has different tastes and preferences, but I don't know how anyone can not enjoy sneezing. I believe I have an enhanced gift to enjoy sneezing and that is why I am a sneeze advocate. I am not talking about a sneezing attack, hay fever, or an allergic reaction, but just your average once in a while sneeze.

I know sometimes people who have seizures experience an aura or brief warning before it happens. When I have a sneeze aura it is always good news. I love the feeling when you get the subtle tickling fizzy feeling in your head. You slowly breath in as your eyes slightly squint and your body prepares for the sneeze. If you ever feel a sneeze coming on but think you are going to lose it, try this helpful aid. Look up into a light source and it will help further it along. If you doubt this just think about when you go outside into bright light and suddenly feel the urge to sneeze. Little kids and babies are especially receptive to this and will often shoot off 2 or 3 sneezes as soon as they hit the light. I have had friends who doubt this but science does back it up and I know it is true.

I have noticed that there are different kinds of sneezers. Most women try to be polite when sneezing by muffling it. Not only does this destroy a good sneeze experience, but it is very dangerous. This can actually take years off your life. Next time you see a woman transform a sneeze into a little hick up remember it is worse for her than smoking a pack of cigarettes. It's like jumping on a grenade to save your platoon. Those around you might appreciate it but it will mess you up. I sneeze the way nature intended us to.

When I get ready to sneeze I visualize a little Yosemite Sam in my head and he has a lit stick of dynamite and is standing on a pile of boxes that say TNT and he is laughing. I sneeze with the fury of a Hurricane and I don't apologize to anyone . I'm sure the Tibetans who live past 100 do so too. As long as you say "excuse me" after it is perfectly acceptable. If you say this others will say "bless you" or "gesundheit" or some other german word. Sneezing is a great way to get other people to wish you health and blessings. So the next time you are depressed or stressed just sneeze. After the sneeze you get a whirlwind of chemicals spinning in your head for a brief natural buzz. It's time we enjoy the simple things in life like nature's ultimate comfort food, the Sneeze.