Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Getting Paid For Not Growing Crops

I remember how confused I was the first time I heard about farmers being paid to not grow crops in The Grapes of Wrath. This concept surprised me but at the time someone gave me an explanation why it made sense and I really didn't question it after that. Years ago when the economy slowed down I started looking for ways to make more money and I wonder if that program is still in effect today. If it is, I want to know how I can sign up for it.

I was also wondering if I have to be a legitimate farmer to participate. I once put one of those long wheat/hay things in my mouth and I occasionally saw a little Hee Haw on TV while flipping channels when I was younger. I would imagine that there is probably a requirement that I wear overalls in order to qualify. Do I have to invest in farming equipment and own a lot of land before they will take me seriously and pay me for not growing crops? So many questions and so few answers. By the way, I'm not criticizing farmers. I think farming is one of the hardest professions around.

I wonder if this same principle applies to other occupations and fields (no pun intended) besides agriculture. I know some athletes have been paid to not perform at their best ability but they usually end up getting in trouble for that. Shoeless Joe Jackson from Field of Dreams comes to mind. The mafia also seems to be quite good at utilizing this principle. They get paid all the time for not doing stuff like not breaking the knee caps or other anatomical structures of their clients.

I think I could really leverage my time if I could also get paid for not starring in movies, not performing on American Idol, and not running for public office. The list is endless of stuff I'm good at not doing. I'm not sure who would be in charge of compensating me for all the stuff I don't do, but it sound like something that only the federal government could pull off.