Monday, January 20, 2014

Language Pet Peeves

Listening to these phrases feels like this.
Years Ago I did a post about Word Pet Peeves. It's been a while so it's now once again time for me to criticize how people communicate with each other. I'm not talking about texting, which I am still trying to warm up to. I am referring to the following phrases that drive me crazy.

1) All things... I keep hearing ladies say "my kids love all things Disney", or "Jaden is all things Harry Potter". I understand that you are trying to say someone is really into something, but please don't say it that way. It hurts my ears.

2) Believe you me...  Seriously? I heard someone say this the other day and it wasn't Yoda.

3) The "yes please" suffix. This is usually added on the end of a comment. I am seeing this all over Pinterest. An example would be waffles in bed...Yes please!

4) Is what it is... This is the grand daddy offender of them all. Starting a sentence this way can only be topped by someone who takes it a step further and says "Is what it is is...

I know it is hypocritical for me to criticize others when I can hardly string together a cohesive sentence on this blog, but those are just some sayings I'd rather not hear and I'd appreciate it if you could help me put an end to some of these phrases. Irregardless, if people will do what I say than their will be less problems effecting there grammar.

Sorry, I had to throw in that lest sentence for fun.