Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stupid Quizzes Rant Time

I'm sure you have seen the many quizzes that are constantly promoted on Facebook and the Internet that prompt viewers to find out what kind of Jane Austen character, Star Wars character, or Super Hero they are. I guess some people might enjoy a special kinship knowing they are like Chewbacca, Mr. Darcy, or Wonder Woman.

These quizzes got old fast but somehow they are still making the rounds but now the makers of these quizzes are getting desperate. I'm seeing stuff like what spirit animal, state, and food are you?

It's only a matter of time before you can take a quiz to determine what kind of pizza cutter, tooth brush container, button shape, or phone ring you are.

Are people really that desperate to be analyzed and categorized? I'm sure the analyzing procedure on these tests is state of the art...NOT. Whey would anyone care what the test says they are? How do we get Buzz Feed, Zimbio, and other to stop making these?

Help me understand this. It really bugs me. I need to get a life and focus on something important instead of this.

What kind of curious, insecure, and gullible person are you? Take my detailed quiz to find out and then tell everyone online what kind of essential oil you are.

Part 2- Another trend that drives me crazy are all the intro teasers on so many stories and links you see these days.

"This boy was failing his speech test and then this happened"

"They bought an old home and you won't believe what they found in the attic"

"It was an ordinary day at work until this special special visitor came by."

I guess it works because I still click on a bunch of those dumb stories to see what the amazing surprise was.

End of Rant.