Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The ALS Bucket Challenge

I'm sure you have all noticed a ton of ice water videos over the last month. I can't log onto Facebook without seeing 10-15 challenges per day. I am afraid that the challenge is starting to wear on people by now and it feels like it is slowly turning into the Harlem Shuffle.

I think it is great that the challenge is for a good cause but I have a few questions. Are you supposed to pay in addition to getting wet or is promoting it by getting wet a free pass to not have to donate? I don't know the answer because I never like to listen to the first minute or two of someone blabbing on in the videos before they get their cold shower. (Less talking, more dumping)

I know some people may question the effectiveness of the campaign but contributions are obviously up big time for ALS research so something is working. I am usually not a big fan of awareness by itself. I remember several years ago when everyone changed their Facebook photos to cartoon avatars to help prevent child abuse. Still trying to figure out how that made any difference at all besides making people feel good about using Scooby Doo on their profile picture for a week.

Some have criticized the challenge for wasting water or because ALS research involves embryonic stem cells or animal experimentation. I wish my concerns were as noble, but my biggest hangup is that I just don't want to get wet.

Thankfully I have not been challenged and would probably out right decline the challenge since I am both a party pooper and am super sensitive to not only ice cold water but any temperature of water cooler than lukewarm. It takes me about 5 minutes to ease myself into a warm body of water like Lake Powell in the summer so I can't even imagine how painful and shocking ice water would be.

I may end up starting a challenge to create awareness for some other charity, but if I do it will entail eating a large stack of pancakes or an entire pizza as opposed to ending up wet and shivering.