Monday, January 31, 2022

Time Travel Expert Rates Time Travel Scenes

I recently found myself watching a bunch of YouTube videos where an expert like a doctor, lawyer, soldier, or wilderness survival specialist reviews scenes from movies or TV that are related to their specialty. They then proceed to give their analysis and opinion of how legitimate each scene is. I feel I'm a good judge of noticing when a movie scene is no longer realistic and loses credibility. This got me wondering what my specialty might be. I have always been a fan of time travel movies. I've even covered the topic of time travel on this blog previously.

So I thought it would be funny to do a parody of these "expert critique" videos I frequently see online but cover a subject that is pure fantasy. I ended up making the following video. Enjoy.

PS- I just realized today that my settings require my approval for people to post comments on this blog. I didn't realize that and found comments going back to 2017 (most of them spam) but some actual ones too. I will check them more regularly in the future.