Sunday, February 1, 2009

Before and After Pictures (Weight Loss)

The first time I saw some really impressive before and after pictures was back in 1999. I was filling a prescription for one of my kids and had to wait 15 minutes so I was hanging out by the magazines. I had never looked at a body building magazine before and felt sheepish about it but I picked up a copy of Muscle Media and it opened to a page full of before and after photos for the Body for Life contest. I couldn't believe these were the same people in both pictures especially when I learned that they had made their transformations in just 3 months. I have attached Pete Holter's picture, who was one of the 1999 winners.

The motivation of seeing so many people change prompted me to do try the challenge. I went ahead and participated in the challenge and by the time I finished I lost fat and gained muscle and went from 24 to 14% body fat. I didn't look anything like the winners in the magazine but I still made decent progress. As part of the contest I had to send in before and after pictures. I obviously didn't win and will probably never see the pictures again unless I run for public office someday. I would show my pictures here but I think posting physique shots on the Internet is too narcissistic. (And besides I once again look like my before pictures)

Some people actually put more effort into the before picture than the after picture. The goal with these photos is to show a huge difference so some people try hard to look bad in their before pictures and it is usually obvious. I didn't shave for a couple days and didn't comb my hair. I let my gut stick out and watched that French movie about the red balloon first so I would be all depressed.

Bill Phillips and I are very similar (especially if you keep our physiques, income, and prior successes out of the comparison). I'm going to sponsor my own transformation contest, but it is just to see who can produce the best before and after pictures. There are no rules, no time limits, no banned substances. Anything goes. Send in a picture from your high school days if it looks better. Use Photo shop if it would help or even send in someone else's picture for the after shot. I will be giving the top 5 Grand Prize winners their choice of number combinations.


Dr Zibbs said...

I'm so against the bF pics because they intentionally make the before look terrible.

Just sayin'

russell jack said...

i had a pretty incredible summer last year. i used "the secret" - and i'm sure you'll find the results astounding.....

Before and After

Tom said...

I didn't see the link to click until just now. That's hillarious. Good Work. So far you are the hands down winner.