Monday, February 16, 2009

The Greatest NBA Dunkers

In honor of the NBA All Star Weekend that just took place, I'd like to write about dunks. (I can already hear all the women reader's mouses clicking as they exit this page). I remember when I first started watching the NBA as a kid. Dr. J was my favorite player. He would invent crazy moves and could out jump all of his opponents and hang in the air for obscene amounts of time. It seemed that a different law of physics applied to him. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with trying to dunk a basketball. I remember how good it felt the first time I was able to do it. Back in my prime I could do just about anything, but 25 years later and 25 pounds heavier I only have 25% of my vertical jump left so it's now just a memory. Despite the sad story, I still love watching a good dunk.

Most of the great dunkers today give credit to players like Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, and Michael Jordan for setting the standard that they emulated and surpassed. Below I list my all time favorite dunkers in the NBA. I have ranked them in order of their dunking ability only not their overall play or off the court behavior.

1. Vince Carter-He is amazing. I can't believe his dunking confidence and the ridiculous stuff he has pulled off in games. I still think that when he jumped over the 7 ft. French player in the Olympics was the greatest dunk I've ever seen.

2. Dominique Wilkins-The first guy to consistently pull off playground trick dunks during close games. He popularized the windmill and power dunking.

3. Michael Jordan-The Greatest Player of all time also had some of the greatest dunks of all time. He was a versatile jumper off of one or two feet with amazing hang time. No wonder I wanted to be like Mike all my life.

4. Julius Erving-Other players may have pioneered dunking, but he turned it into an art form. He's known for being the first to dunk from the free throw line.

5. Charles Barkley-Despite a heavier build he could get up for some physical dunks. I especially liked the fact that most of his were in traffic with multiple defenders trying to guard him.

6. Clyde Drexler-"The Glide" was always graceful to watch. One of the more smooth players with amazing leg control and movement while he was in the air.

7. Shaquille O'Neal-Since he entered the league he has dunked on opponents at will. I love how he brings his knees and feet up so high when he does it.

8. Darryll Dawkins-Made an art form out of naming his repotoire of dunks and shattering backboards.

9. Kobe Bryant-He seems to be unstopable at times. One of the few guys who helped me make it through Jordan's retirement without slitting my wrists.

10. Dwight Howard-This guys is just a kid and dunks more than any player in the NBA. He resurrected the dunk contest last year and can really get up for such a tall player.

11. Nate Robinson-I had him listed in my honorable mention when this was in rough draft form, but after seeing him jump over Dwight Howard this weekend and winning the dunk contest again I will list him at # 11.

Honorable Mentions: , Jason Richardson, Larry Nance, Spud Webb, Harold Miner, Dee Brown, Steve Francis, Shawn Kemp, Isaiah Rider, Jerome Kersey, Terence Stansbury, Orlando Woolridge, Kenyon Martin, and Darrell Griffith.


Jeanne Estridge said...

Just to let you know, I may be female, but I read your whole post. And understood most of it.

Melanie Jacobson said...

Great list, but dunks aside, I don't think there's a greater thing of beauty than Kareem Abdul Jabar's sky hook.

Carmy said...

That's pretty cool that you keep track of that. Very nicely written.

Anonymous said...

Wow how did you forget to put Chris Anderson anywhere in your top ten? And for the record, I don't think there's a greater thing of beauty than Deron William's cross over.

Kirk said...

time to add Blake griffin.