Sunday, November 8, 2020

The Power of Perception

I find it fascinating when people witness an event, yet they come away with very different takes on the exact same thing they both saw. This has really stood out with politics and the recent elections. People can see the same video footage of something yet come away with completely different thoughts on the subject. Media bias and propaganda can plays a big role in this, but people are also stubborn and like to look for proof to back up their opinions. 

Here are some visual examples of how powerful perception is.

Obviously our environment, background, and upbringing impact how we view things.

The pictures above and below are both taken of the same events at the exact same time, but depending on your vantage point, they can create very different stories.

Sensationalism and controversy draws more viewers so it's common for the media to share inflammatory and provocative stories and narratives. This happens on both sides of the aisle. 

Not to bash media, but it is much more difficult to find unbiased news sources today. There is such an abundance of information online, yet ironically, many people don't trust the accuracy of that information or the motivation of the sources.

I like this last picture because it shows that things are often more complex than we imagine and sometimes in our quest for truth, we have to be willing to look at things from another perspective in order to be enlightened with the big picture. When we can see where someone else is coming from they don't seem quite so threatening and stubborn to the "truth" that is so obvious to us.

I really don't think the media, politicians, salespeople, etc. will ever stop manipulating the truth in order to promote their agenda, but I do hope that people will have more civility, patience, and willingness to examine issues more thoroughly in order to get all the facts.