Friday, August 22, 2008

Movies that might have made me cry

The other day I was at a luncheon that had an assortment of drinks. I randomly selected a can of Fresca. I don't think I have tasted this drink since I was a little kid. It had just a hint of carbonation and I really liked it. I felt a little sheepish afterwards since Fresca has a somewhat feminine connotation associated with it. There are many other more masculine drinks I could have chosen. Anyway while I am getting in touch with my feminine side I think it would be appropriate and entertaining to confess which movies I have either come close to or actually almost maybe cried in over the years. Keep in mind that many of these were viewed back when I was young and tender hearted.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was the first movie I remember crying at. These were tears of horror not sadness. That frizzy headed freak was knocking kids off left and right. This didn't go over well with me. My parents had to take me out of the theater. (No this was not the recent remake)
Roots-When the slave owners whip Kunta Kinte until he accepted his new name of Toby or was it Jordi LaForge?
The Great Santini-When Red bullies Toomor and breaks his bottles of honey he was about to sell at the market.
Forrest Gump-The scene when Forrest finds out he has a child and is trying to ask Jenny if he is dumb like him.
Cypher in the Snow-When the bullies take his hat and put it on the snowman they are making. The part that kills me is when they leave and Cliff also donates his stick of gum for the mouth.
Christmas Snows Christmas Winds- This is a low budget cousin to Cypher in the Snow but anyone who can make it through the french horn scene unaffected is heartless.
MASH-The final episode when Hawkeye admits he pressured a villager to smoother her chicken to keep it quiet so they would not be found by the North Koreans. At the end of the episode while meeting with the psychiatrist he breaks down and admits it was a baby and not a chicken.
Life is Beautiful- When Guido is protecting his son in the Nazi prison camp and trying to distract him and keep him happy despite the fact he knows he is going to be killed.
Titanic-Back off, I need to explain myself here. I saw it alone since my wife refused to watch it since she knew the happy ending involving almost everyone drowning. I had a hard time with the scene when the ship is sinking and the mom in the poor section of the ship was reading a book to her little kids trying to get them to sleep before they die. That movie also made me wonder "when I die will I be reunited in heaven with the strangers I met on a Carnival cruise that lasted a week instead of my own family and friends?"

So there you have it. Proof that you can be a manly stud and still have a sensitive side. I challenge any other guys to join me with your confessions. Please only submit sincere movies. No Dirty Dozen, Robocop, or Die Hard examples.