Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tagged! This Is Your Life

At the first of the year I noticed many blogs getting tagged with a "100 things to do before you die" questionnaire. I've had a couple people tag me but I never got around to it. I've gotten some more readers who don't know me so this is my attempt to spotlight myself with some random information about... myself. I call this exciting feature "the ten things about me."

1. Dislikes-First of all I think you can learn a lot about a person from what they dislike. That being said, I am very uncomfortable in water. When I've been to the beach I don't mind getting wet, but I don't ever want to swim in deep open water (that activity is reserved for people without powerful imaginations) That's a smooth lead in to the next category.
2. Fears-I'm scared of snakes. Especially ocean snakes. I'm also scared of driving a manual transmission car and destroying the clutch. I'm sure I would do just fine, but I've never owned a stick shift.
3. Childhood-When I was little and would get sick I'd have the same recurring nightmares about giant rolls of gauze, (I mean big ones the size of houses), an old fashioned lawn mower, and floating in the air. Each of these dream ingredients are harmless on their own, but when you combine them it's very frightening stuff.
4. Personality-I'm not super outgoing. I'm more of an observer. I'm a detailed person and like to organize and categorize stuff. I like time lines and spreadsheets and things that create order. My personality is a 5 in the enneagram. I'm pretty confident that I will never participate in karaoke.
5. Home-I claim parts unknown like any good masked wrestler would, but I lived in Vienna for 6 months when I was younger. I've grown up watching foreign films and I enjoy Humanities. I'm dripping with culture and as a result have to shower daily.
6. Music-I don't play any instruments but I enjoy classical music. I am not a big fan of lyrics. I also like 80's music and I'm embarrassed to admit that I kind of like techno music. I know it's shallow and repetitive but hey, so am I. I'm not a fan of rap. Too many F Bombs and too much attitude.
7. Sports-I love basketball and watching highlights from the NBA. I enjoy watching most sports except for race cars and golf. I think it's wrong for golfers to make so much money without even breaking a sweat. If they had American Gladiators chasing them around the golf course while they played I'd be the biggest fan. I got into MMA/WWF about 10 years ago. (I only watch it, but it makes me sound tougher for a split second if I say it like that)
8. Movies-I love action, comedy, sci-fi, documentaries, and movie trivia. I sometimes get emotional during the previews when I go to the movies. Especially if it's a chick flick that features a bunch of women who are best friends dancing around and pretending to sing "This will be (an everlasting love)" into their hairbrushes.
9. Family-I'm married and I have nine kids. Yes, I am serious. I intentionally keep my family out of my blogs. I try to protect them from the paparazzi. Just like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, I can also tell you what a difficult strain that can be on a family.
10. Numbers-I prefer odd numbers over even numbers. My favorites are 7, 49, 51, 55, and 89.

There you have it. Let's here it for Mr. exciting!


Sass said...

Nine. Kids.

That's three times the BS that I deal with.

You win.

I mean, like, really. You win.

I quit. ;)

NatureGirl said...

Nine is impressive. It is fun to hear a bit more about you. I love getting to know people!