Friday, January 23, 2009

The Power of Adsense

A couple months ago I added the Adsense feature to my blogs. I had previously wanted to keep the content of my blogs clean and pure from outside influences but I finally gave in. I think sometimes this blog confuses the Adsense software since my topics here are so random but my movie and health blogs usually display ads that are consistent with those blog themes.

I've been impressed with how fast and specific their search engine software is. When I wrote my post about Christmas Trees there were ads for artificial trees showing up minutes later. When I wrote about facial hair, ads for razors and laser hair removal appeared right after I posted it. The same goes for diamonds, violins, car repairs, music tickets, etc. I was amazed at how fast Adsense customizes the ads it posts, but that's not what really impressed me.

Last week I was suffering from a bout of heart burn. I logged on to my blog and I saw heartburn ads. I was considering writing a post about this topic, but had not even verbalized or written a rough draft about my discomfort, yet Adsense knew about it. Some might think this was a coincidence but I know better. I now turn off my computer and unplug it whenever I have a private conversation with a friend. Hal 9000 might be able to read lips, but Adsense can read my mind.


Kelly said...

That is seriously FREAKY! I had seen your adds and thought that only really popular blogs with more than 3 followers were approached by google ads to advertise on your blog. Now I know better. And I don't think the invasion of privacy is worth signing up.

Rachel Cotterill said...

You could get the AdSense software to write your blog posts for you, too. Are there ads for AdSense now?!

Emily said...

I am laughing so hard right now. That is quite spooky. What kind of ads does adsense post after you blog about adsense?