Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aliens Rock

Recently I've been watching old X-files episodes on Netflix. I've also been tempted to rent The Fourth Kind. These shows got me thinking about aliens and the many movies that deal with this subject matter.

I like alien movies. I was just about to make the bold statement that it is hard to go wrong when making a movie about aliens. Then I remembered how bad some recent movies featuring aliens were. I'm thinking about the recent The Day the Earth Stood Still and Escape to Witch Mountain remakes, and Transformers 2. I also didn't care for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull incorporating aliens into the story. Mixing Indian Jones and Aliens is like mixing chocolate and tuna fish. I also heard that Skyline is one of the worst movies ever.

Aside from these stinker movies, there is something appealing about interacting with life forms from other planets. Their appearances often vary from little green creatures, scary monsters, normal looking people, to even super heroes. Here are some of the better alien movies that come to mind in this genre.

The Arrival
Close Encounters
Invasion of The Body Snatchers
Alien (s)
The Fifth Element
Independence Day
Mars Attacks
District 9
Mission to Mars
Star Trek series
Galaxy Quest
Men in Black

Star Wars series

If I was abducted by aliens, they would probably be the scary looking ones. I imagine I would be kept in a giant glass jar with some air holes in the top or something similar to a plastic gerbil cage with a wheel. I would probably have a young alien girl captor who would sometimes shake my cage hard to wake me up if I didn't keep her entertained. That would suck. I'm going to do everything in my power to keep that from happening.


Kristina P. said...

Have you watched Fringe at all? I don't love Alien stuff a ton, but I loved X-Files. Was obsessed. And Fringe is very similar.

Cheeseboy said...

I guess I agree with you about Crystal Skull. I thought it started well but once it got into the alien stuff, it was lame.

My favorite alien movie is probably "Swing Away", I mean Signs.

MikkSolo said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when movies explain away some phenomenon by bringing in Aliens. ANYTHING can happen if there is aliens.

SIGNS (Though I liked this one)

Eric said...

The Fifth Element had absolutely nothing to do with Boron, but the red haired lady made it interesting to me.

mCat said...

Galaxy Quest makes me laugh.
In fact, we have a young man in our ward who talks just the weird dude with the weird voice (mimicing data from Star Trek), and every time he blesses he sacrament, I laugh.

Don't sit next to me - lightening and all

Kal said...

I always say that I hope for their sake that the aliens never come here. First of all if they taste like chicken we will Kentucky Fry their asses so quick. If they leave their ray guns on the table at McDs I am taking it. If they leave the doors open to their ships, it`s joyride time. We don`t even like each other - what do they think we will do to people from off planet?

I like the 'Mars Attacks' aliens because they are goofy and they aren't the 'probing' kind.

Tom said...

I am excited to add Battle Los Angeles to the list. I hope it is not a let down.

Morgan Bochan said...

You forgot one: Koi Mil Gaya. OK. Maybe it is somewhat odd when said alien breaks into song.
Wait! That gives me an idea! Alien, the musical!
(Oy vey)