Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feel Good Campaigns

I recently got a notice on Facebook that there is a campaign in progress to end violence against children. Facebook users wanting to support and bring awareness to the cause are encouraged to change their profile picture to a cartoon character until Dec 6th. I noticed a bunch of friends have recently changed their profile pictures so I looked into it.

I ended up giving into the peer pressure, but it was mostly because I did not want to come across as a person who is FOR child abuse. Then came the hard part or choosing a character. I considered Grape Ape, Aqua man, Captain Caveman, and Shaggy. None of them were cool enough so I had to go Vulcan. It was the most logical choice. (Get it.) So I jumped on the band wagon, but not without a plethora of reservations. Here are just a few of the problems I have with this campaign.

1) Kid's aren't even supposed to be on Facebook so it's not like they will notice anyway.
2) I think this movement might be a scam originated by Hannah Barbara or Disney, kind of like Valentines Day is perpetuated by Halmark.
3) Wouldn't I be more effective at preventing child abuse by being nice to my kids instead of yelling at them as they interrupt me while I'm trying to find a cool cartoon character for my profile?

I really wish changing your profile picture to a cartoon character would end violence against children, but I am not so naive. This got me thinking of some future feel good campaigns we might want to do.

* Cutting our toenails on January 1st to help reduce the national debt.
* Make pudding in a cloud for dessert to promote Leukemia awareness.
* Everyone wear green on March 17th for fun. (never mind, that one's already in effect)
* Wear a Fedora on June 12th to help the homeless.

Sorry for being such a cynical party pooper. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade, or detract from any campaign that is attempting to stop violence against children, but I'm sure there are much better ways to get results when it comes to stopping abuse. In the mean time, my new profile picture looks pretty cool.


Kelly said...

This was a very funny post Chaka/Tom. I especially liked the irony of yelling at your kids while choosing your profile photo. Perhaps I can relate to that one a bit too well : )

Kristina P. said...

I agree with you. I think these things tend to be really silly.

Lisa said...

I fell to the peer pressure too. I am now Felix The Cat.

You are funny and I had the same thoughts too. There are many campaigns but all because there is always something to sell. But in this case, why not.

Pedaling said...

I agree with you!
I didn't change my profile pic on facebook- for one, I didn't know why, until reading this post, everyone was now a cartoon---but, even if I did know, as I do now, I still would not change it or give in the the pressure, because, as you said, it's about as good as clipping your toe nails to, what did you say?... reduce the national debt.
very good point.


I agree. Many "campaigns" keep you emotionally hostage like u said if you don't do X to prevent something you are for it. I refuse to take part in things that sound like a fad. I diferentiate between a sincere cause and people reaching out.

Eric said...

Facebook is too much into everyone's privacy for my tastes. Well that and they've worked out secret deals with the government.

Facebook contacted my cellphone and car last week and said that the NSA, CIA, and FBI would all be monitoring the whereabouts.

Tom said...

Eric- I know how you feel. I'm pretty sure the government has a spy satellite that is dedicated to tracking me 24/7. It's a shame since they'd get to know me so much better if they just followed my blog.

Cheeseboy said...

I have not caved into the pressure... yet. But I am a first grade teacher, so I am a little nervous that people will think I think abuse is fine. I don't see how this is doing any good. I mean, is an abusive father going to see all these cartoon characters on facebook and then stop beating his kids?

Crystal Pistol said...

Wait! Hold on! So... cutting my toe nails on Jan 6th DOESN'T help the national debt?!

It seems I've been misinformed... I'm so embarrassed. Thanks for the heads up, Tom. I'll spread the word.

Alyson | New England Living said...

HA! Funny! And true. I didn't give in and change my profile. I was wondering how on earth it would end childhood abuse.

LegalMist said...

I agree. I suppose it's nice to raise awareness somehow, but wouldn't it be more effective to donate money to a helping organization or talk to your legislators about supporting affordable quality childcare so people don't have to leave their kids with random strangers and/or awful abusive boyfriends / relatives?

The trouble with campagins like this, in my view, is that now everyone who changed their facebook photo thinks they've "done something" about the problem, when they haven't, not really. Will they then be more likely to ignore the next request for financial assistance or donations of clothes, toys, or time to fight domestic violence?

Sorry. I think my comment is now longer than your post. I'll stop now.

mCat said...

I'm with you. I succummbed to peer pressure and because I dig Scooby doo.

I like the cutting your toenail on January 1st. It might be the only time in the whole year that some men do it.