Thursday, March 1, 2012


I'm not going to pretend I know what it's like to be pregnant or to give birth. Some guys might be foolish enough to make comparisons to something they have never experienced themselves, but I'm not going to make that mistake. However, I do feel that I'm more in tune with the condition of pregnant women than most guys are. Maybe that's because my wife has been pregnant for a cumulative total of nearly 7 years.

Just this afternoon my wife gave birth yet again and I was reminded of what a miracle this process is. It's always amazing to see a newborn transition so quickly to life outside the womb and adapt to a new environment.

I've noticed that there is no equality when it comes to having kids. Some people struggle for years trying to conceive while others seem get pregnant from a mere seductive look from their husband. Some have easy pregnancies and hardly notice they are pregnant. I've heard of a show called "I didn't know I was pregnant" that features some of these cases. Others get sick the minute they conceive and experience difficulties their entire pregnancy.

My hat is off to women who are willing to undergo the changes to their body and in some cases put their life on the line to have kids. Fifteen years ago, my wife gave birth to two 8 pound twins. That will stretch your body out a little bit. Maybe I've seen too many alien movies, but I don't think I could handle anything growing and moving inside me let alone 16 pounds worth.

Anyway, I'm impressed with the sacrifices that women make when it comes to having children. They are troopers for putting up with all the discomforts and the outright pain and sacrifice that accompanies bearing children. This is yet one more reason that supports my theory that women are way cooler than guys.


Kristina P. said...

Congrats on your new little one!

Crystal Pistol said...

I love this post. Congrats on your new addition. I loved being pregnant. I loved the little aliens moving inside me. I felt very magical. I like your views of the subject. So many men just don't get it. I kinda wish i could have twins. I've always wanted a pair of people. :)

Lisa said...

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. Your post makes me want another baby!

mCat said...

Great post and CONGRATULATIONS!!

Raine said...


Unknown said...

Thank you! :)
I wish your family all the best!