Sunday, September 23, 2012

Drug Commercials

We live in a litigious society and as a result people have to protect themselves by disclosing all kinds of information. Legal disclaimers are common at the end of most commercials, especially if the product can affect your health. The drug commercials I see on TV and hear on the radio are a great example of this. The snake oil salesman had it made back in the day. He could say what ever he wanted, but today drug companies have to list every single side effect that could possibly happen.

Let's say you have heart burn and you decide to take a pharmaceutical product for it. The commercial says it may relieve your symptoms, but then it goes on to tell you that you may experience dry mouth, dizziness, diarrhea, headache, slurred speech, bloody stools, convulsions, paralysis, etc. Hey drug companies, you had me at dry mouth. I think I'll just stick with my heartburn, but thanks.

Even though drug companies have to disclose all the scary side effects, they still have ways of making their product appealing to the masses. These commercials always have smiling models in comfortable situations enjoying life. They are usually shown exercising, gardening, having a picnic, dancing with their significant other, or walking on the beach. These models either have amazingly high levels of self confidence or have no idea what the commercial is about. How can the beautiful lady look so confident and dignified. Doesn't she know she's promoting a product to help you stop pooping your pants?

I wonder if the same guy writes all these commercials since they are all so similar. "See our ad in Good Housekeeping, Ask your doctor is (blank) is right for you". These commercials also seem to have quite a budget since most of them are not your usual 30 second spots. Some of them are even several minutes long.

I have also noticed a correlation between drug commercials and attorney commercials. As part of my retirement plan I am considering having my physician prescribe every new drug know to man so when the law firm commercials start asking if I ever took (blank) I can say I did and can be part of the settlements. Maybe I should run that by Dave Ramsey first.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like an excellent plan.

mCat said...

No need to run it by Dave Ramsey. I think it's a GREAT plan and I think I'll jump on it as well. Could provide my entire retirement at this rate : )

Dr Zibbs said...

Did you ever see the SNL commercial for Super Fun Ball? I think that's what it was called. It's just a rubber ball but at the end there are like 100 disclaimers.

W.C.Camp said...

Wow that is a pretty good idea of yours! I am still trying to understand why that Cialis stuff makes everyone want to crawl into their OWN bathtub and stare at sunsets outdoors - that is a pretty AWFUL side effect! W.C.C.

elesa said...

I'll be listening to the Dave Ramsey show. I can't wait to hear that conversation.