Monday, November 26, 2012

Gossip for Nomads

I'm sure gossip has been around since the beginning of man, but with the invention of checkout stands at grocery stores, the industry has flourished. In today's world it is just too easy to find out gossip about celebrities thanks to instant communication, social media, and fine publications like The Enquirer. I'd like to see dirt digging ventures like TMZ really earn their money and make a living without the Internet or modern technology.

Can you imagine trying to run a juicy celebrity gossip business a thousand years ago if you were living with a bunch of Nomads in the desert? You would have to write everything down on a scroll or tell others your exciting stories when you came across a caravan or bought supplies at a market. I'm guessing the big stories and headlines might sound like the following:

"One of the rich man's goats went into it his nice tent and it angered him. One of his wives said this is a common occurance!"

"Naaman adds yet another chariot to his lavish collection. How many vehicles does one person need?"

"The servant caught trying to stay in the shade when his master was not watching now acuses him of being cruel and having a wicked temper."

Yeah, it's definitely more entertaining gossip these days. I'm pretty sure the paparazzi could not have made a living in ancient times. I'll bet those racy engravings of the queen sunbathing didn't circulate as quickly as they do today either.

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