Sunday, January 27, 2013

Stop The Star Wars Confusion

I finally have a serious and meaningful topic to write about today: STAR WARS. I've been having an ongoing argument with my kids recently whenever they talk about the Star Wars movies. It drives me crazy when they refer to a movie as "episode 1-6". I understand that the original Star Wars movie that came out in 1977 was not the beginning of the story and that 3 prequels came out later, but can we please just refer to these movies by the title they were known by when they came out?

Star Wars: A New Hope-1977- Technically Episode 4 but don't call it that.
The Empire Strikes Back-1980-Episode 5
The Return of the Jedi- 1983- Episode 6
The Phantom Menace-1999- Episode 1
Attack of the Clones- 2002- Episode 2
Revenge of the Sith- 2005- Episode 3

Nothing good happens when people refer to them by the episode number and it only creates confusion. I'll bet the people who do this also number their jokes for greater efficiency. Do those same people also refer to the recent Hobbit movie as episode 1?

I know it doesn't help my cause when the movie producers list the episode number on the movie poster, but what do they know? We all understand that the order in which the movies were released doesn't coincide with the plot, but that should not be a problem. Could we all just refer to these movies by their actual titles listed in bold above and stop all the episode talk? I guarantee the world will be a better place if we do.

That being said, I can't wait for episode 7 to come out in the future.


mCat said...

OH MY GOSH! So with you on this.
The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. I hate the confusion about the numbers

MikkSolo said...

Episode V was my favorite! Giving them Roman numerals even helps the confusion... Don't you think? That's Empire Strikes Back for you Star Wars "Rookies!"

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

There were only THREE Star Wars movies!

I don't know where the hell you got the idea there were six.

david_b said...

I distinctly remember my boredom and dissappointment leaving ROTJ (sorry, episode 6..) when it premiered.

Sorry, only the first two films for me (SW and Empire). Rest is pure caca.

In addition, if I do collect any SW memorabilia, it's strickly pre-1981. No 'episode 4' stuff, JUST 'Star Wars'. Period.

Great column.