Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Post That's Not About The Sequester

Sequestration is a word I don't care for, but I have sure been hearing it a bunch lately. In an effort to give you a break from that word, I am going to write about another current event recently featured in the news.....wrestling. I recently heard that they have decided to remove wrestling from the Olympics in the future. I find that hard to believe. Wrestling has to be the oldest Olympic event but apparently it does not have a very big audience and since it's not a big money maker it will be replaced in 2020.

I am not a wrestler, but I feel the need to jump to their defense. When I was in high school during basketball practice I could see the wrestlers working out on the other side of the gym running stairs, doing drills, getting cauliflower ear, and basically killing themselves. I always felt like a wimp after seeing the grueling workouts they went through.

I understand the sport might come across as being a little awkward to some since it involves two guys in tights rolling around, but removing wrestling from the Olympics is like removing motocross freestyle jumping from the X games. I guess this change will give them room for more exciting events like ping pong, badminton, croquet, and handball. How did some of these sports ever get into the Olympics and how is lawn darts not an Olympic sport too?

If the problem is that Greco Roman style wrestling does't make enough money, then I suggest they turn the sport over to Vince McMahon and let him fine tune it before the next summer Olympics.

He could take something people don't have enough interest in like this.

And turn it into a cash cow like this.

McMahon could teach the Olympics a thing or two about making money if that's really the reason they are doing away with wrestling. Your Olympic athletes would have their own action figures, the gold medal events events would be pay per view, and they interviews would be much more exciting. Problem solved.

So I guess those are my thoughts about sequestration.


King of New York Hacks said...

Completely agree...please run for office. Cheers. :)

mCat said...

They dump wrestling, yet keep synchronized swimming? wha??

Actually, if they brought MMA as an offical Olympic sport, the games would explode!