Monday, November 30, 2015

Little Caesars Pizza Insights

I have never met anyone who didn't like pizza. Like most people, I really love pizza. There is something amazing about that magical food. I know all pizza is not created equal so it can make a big difference where you purchase pizza from.

Little Caesars is probably the most basic and cheapest pizza around. It obviously can not compare with any gourmet pizza establishments, but if you are hungry for pizza and only want to spend $5 it is the best option I know of. Most things get more expensive with inflation over time but their hot and ready pizza appears to be immune to price increases.

My biggest pet peeve with Little Caesars (aside from the quality) is the ambiance inside the stores. I am not expecting a dimly lit Italian restaurant with musicians playing in the background, but it would be nice if every time I give them my business they would not thank me by screaming "TWO PEP!" in my face.

"One Cheese, One Pep!"

Seriously Little Ceasars, your employees yell loud enough to rupture my eardrums with their attempt to notify the cooks in back that they need to replace a pizza from their hot and ready inventory. There has to be a better way than screaming around your customers. It's a fast food restaurant, not an off shore oil rig.

My other request for Little Caesars would be to put some olives on the pepperoni pizza. I'd pay $7 bucks instead of  $5 for a little more variety and flavor, but if I want that from them it nearly doubles the price and I have to wait over 10 minutes for them to make it. I guess I could always start a rival pizza company that serves delicious gourmet pizza in an authentic Italian atmosphere for 5 bucks. Never mind, I guess I'll just let them keep yelling at me.

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