Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Travel

There have been many movies over the years featuring time travel. Some of the more popular ones are: Frequency, Back to the Future, The Terminator, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Time Bandits, Deja Vu, Star Trek, Groundhog Day, The Time Machine, 13 Going on 30, Time Cop, Superman, 12 Monkeys, Kate and Leopold, Timeline, Planet of the Apes, Somewhere in Time, etc.

This is a topic I am very familiar with and have given alot of thought to. My wife thinks it is a waste to spend time thinking about this topic but someday she will be grateful I was prepared. I have often thought about what it would be like if you could go back in time to when you were in High School with the body you had as a teenager but with the wisdom, experience, and maturity you now have? Not that High School is the place one would want go if they had the ability to go travel back in time, but I have thought about this as it relates to basketball. If I had the jumping ability and fitness level I had as a teenager combined with my current understanding and knowledge of the game then I could have been unstopable. I was totally serious as I typed this and then I realized I sound like Uncle Rico in Napolean Dynomite.

The problem is that if I were able to do this then there would probably be time travel police hired by the NEA doing the same thing. They would be on a witch hunt to find out which students were really adults in a teenager's body. How would they catch the guilty parties? Maybe they would work in the lunch room to see who ate well balanced low cholesterol meals. I think another way the bounty hunters could identifying potential time travelers would be to watch which students had a better understanding and concern for politics and current events. They couldn't let the student body or faculty know what was happening so it would have to be a secret operation and they would also have to be posing as teenagers. (All this talk of adults posing as young students reminds me of an episode of Beverly Hills 90210).

Maybe one day at a pep assembly in front of the entire school you realized a fellow student was a bounty hunter and he realized you knew his real identity. Just imagine what might happen as these two time travelers were playing mind games and sizing each other up while at the same time trying to perform the skit they had been working on for the assembly. That would be awesome.

Sometimes I have wished I could go back and take advantage of investments for trends or technology that are common place today. I have imagined how things would be different if I had money to invest in companies like Apple, Microsoft, YouTube, Google, or others when they were just starting out. If I could go back in time and make investments in those companies I'm sure there would be time travel police there too. They'd keep a close eye on anyone who did well with their investments and would scrutinize your every action. I think it would actually be far more stressful to try and deal with that scenario and keep from being discovered than it would to just try and survive in today's economy and that is the main reason I haven't gone back and taken advantage of prior historical events.

I know none of these ideas are original. but anyone who copies my idea and writes a book or makes a movie about this had better pay me some kind of residual! If not I will go back in time and steal the script from you.


MikkSolo said...

Sup? Uncle Rico!

Maui said...

an episode of 90210? Wasn't every episode of the show adults posing as high school kids.