Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blog Wars (What if...)

I am dedicating this post to all the serious bloggers out there. It has been fun to get to know people via their blogs. I feel I know many of you even though we have never met in "real life". Coincidentally that's also what stalkers say about their victims. I've noticed that many of the prolific bloggers have common friends and follow many of the same blogs. I have actually been quite impressed with the overall respect, good manners, and camaraderie I have witnessed among them. I have seen how friendships are made as these bloggers share kind words and are quite supportive of one another.

Despite all warm fuzzies that I've observed, I can also see some potential for offending others and creating cliques in the blogosphere. For instance, someone might feel shortchanged that they were not awarded a button and so they become jealous. Others might be offended by a post. Perhaps someone chooses to promote or follow a friend's blog but the favor is never returned. There are a ton of ways this could happen. You get the idea.

I would never want to see a division or things get ugly among friends but if it ever did, this is how I see it happening. Let's just hypothetically say that two blogger friends had a misunderstanding so they stopped commenting and following each others blogs. What if things got kind of nasty and it escalated to the point where they started blogging smack about each other. Who's side would you take if they were both your friends? What alliances would be formed? Not only does this sounds kind of like girls in Jr. High, but it is also how I predict World War 3 will start. Again, hypothetically, let's just imagine if someone had publicly offended Sass. I'm sure Scope would stand up for her. Cora and Morgan would probably be ready to join the cause and help and I'm sure Cow Guy would rally behind them too.

On the other hand what if others thought Zibbs was under attack. I'll bet Gwen would step in, as would Jeanne. I'm guessing Candy and Gilligan would also bring their muscle to the table. Pretty soon it would start to resemble X-Men since you'd have two groups of talented and skilled superbloggers battling against one another. Just imagine the excitement as the individual personalities used their talents and blogging skills (super powers) against each other. I can even imagine what their costumes would look like. Blogger friends pitted against each other would be as tragic as the Civil War with brother fighting against brother and father against son. No, even worse. Like an episode of Star Trek where Kirk and Spock are forced to fight each other to the death .

Who's side would I join? I'd probably pull a Switzerland since I like them all so much. Fortunately this nightmarish situation doesn't ever have to take place. Now that you have visualized how terrible this scenario would be I hope you feel like Ebenezer Scrooge waking up after a night of bad dreams. God bless us, everyone.

PS-The above mentioned names are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual bloggers who happen to have those same names and links is purely a coincidence.

PSS-If I didn't mention you in this post don't form an alliance against me.


Kristina P. said...

I am super offended and forming a quite alliance.

Dr Zibbs said...

Excellent post. Of course one of the flaws in the scenario is that Sass and I would never have a fight.

You're dead on with Gwen because as I've said before - she's my best blog friend hands down.

And on a side note and I mentioned the other day, you're one of my favorite new blogs. I even have a post in my q mentioning your blog as one that I really like.

Tom said...

Zibbs-I know you and Sass would never be at odds with each other. I just had to pick team captains for that scenario. Thanks for the prior plug on your blog.

Video Zeta One said...

I would let Zibbs hold his own and then come in with a double-leg takedown before dealing a roundhouse kick to the face with secret death blow follow up.

...or possibly catch up on some sleep and hope it blows over by the morning.

x said...

The whole time I read this post I was playing the Star Trek fight music in my head...

dun dun dun da da da da dun da da da oooOOOO oooOOOO!

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I just want the bloggy world to be a place of joy! While I am most appreciative of the awards that have been shared with me, truly, I sometimes just feel really uncomfortable about the whole thing. I never want to hurt someone's feelings. It just feels awkward at times. I have tried to "pay it forward" with awards as well and sometimes it's not so well received even though the intent is purely sincere. Going forward, I'm just saying thanks and if ya want it, grab the button! (I've even had people email me about why I didn't choose them for an award! I left HS in the 80's and really want to keep it that way! lol!)

(it is with some irony, that I "created" 2 "awards" that I gave myself today on my blog! They are not meant to be shared...just posted as jokes on my blog! Hope no one gets mad at me for not sharing them! hee hee hee!)

(sorry for the blog on your blog! lol!)

peewee said...

I'm just saying...Kristina P would TOTALLY ditch you if you ditched me. I mean, my blog kinda dresses better than yours. And my blog has it's own table in the Quad. You can sit next to us on tuesdays.

Jeanne Estridge said...

It's funny, I was thinking about Star Wars in connection with the blogosphere today, when we learned that Braja had been badly hurt in that car accident, and it felt like a shiver ran through our universe.

Now I need to go check out Dr. Zibbs. If I'm going to go into battle, I at least need to know whom I'm defending!

MikkSolo said...

OK that's it...
and MIKKSOLO are forming an alliance to take over your blog world. From henceforth, our group, will be know strictly as "M". Blog world watch out!!!

Single Mom Guru said...

Very well said. We all have an impact, in whatever way we choose. Words have power.

If you want to ask a question on The Comment Guru, please feel free. It is designed to be a helpful resource.

You never know, you may find the techy you need!

MJenks said...

I was going to start following this blog, but then I noticed that I wasn't awarded any mutant powers, and so now I'm posting a well-organized and meaningful comment about how I'm considering forming my own Alliance. Harumph.

Gwen said...

I'm spending some time this rainy Saturday morning getting caught up on my new followers and love it here.

Your Blogger Civil War scenario is a riot. While I would ALWAYS have Zibbs back (because really, have you seen that ass? ME-OW), I'd have a hard time choosing between him and Sass. I'd probably just sit back and laugh at them acting a fool.

Or I'd mediate.

Yeah, I'd end up mediating. But still laughing.