Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picture of the Month April 2010

I consider myself to be a positive and optimistic person. I am always up for a motivating message, but sometimes motivational posters can go overboard. I always get a kick out of the de-motivational posters that Despair, Inc. produces. Here is one of my favorites.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, how I love Demotivational posters.

Kelly said...

Nice one!

Hey I just went for my first tennis elbow occupational therapy session. If you send me a message on facebook I will try and describe what they want me to do at home to cure it. I won't even charge you a 1500.00 deductible : )

Eric said...

I like them to, do you think demotivational posters work because of the principal of reverse psychology? Or more because everyone dislikes regular motivational posters?

I wonder if the Romans had motivational signs in the quarries?
Something like 'your hard work will make you free'.

Cam said...

I love those posters. I think many people surround themselves with motiviational art work much like a scared villager wearing garlic cloves around their neck to ward off vampires.