Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Check This Out!

Some time ago I threatened to shut down Chaka's World if I didn't get 100 followers by a certain date. My plan worked, but it made me uncomfortable making threats like a terrorist in order to reach my goal. It has been over a year and I need another favor, but this time I'll be a little more mature about it. As some of you know, I have 3 separate blogs, and lately I've been putting a lot of time into my fitness blog at Your Fitness Quest. I've been working hard to improve the search engine rankings, get better web recognition, and increase traffic to that site.

Anyway, as part of that process, I am looking for more followers on that blog and would like to invite anyone so inclined to do so. If fitness posts about nutrition and exercise are not your thing, then don't worry about it, but I think it's a pretty helpful site for the average person. It's not a fitness journal blog about myself, but instead is aimed at helping regular people to live healthier lives.

Thanks to those of you who are inclined to do so. I will be getting back to my regular routine on this blog in a day or two and you should be seeing more mediocre posts again about random topics.


ShanaM said...

Already a follower on the fitness site, I believe.

The Sea Cadet camp was great. Best part, it didn't cost me anything!!!

(I don't have as many followers as you!)

Cheeseboy said...

I run everyday. But I eat like crap. Would this be a helpful blog for a slothful runner? I think I better go check it out.

Tom said...
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