Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What is Real?

One of the great challenges in life is trying to determine if something is real or fake. Some things are just a bogus hoax, but others are legit. Some famous examples include Bigfoot, UFO's, the Lochness Monster, conspiracy theories, and I can't believe it isn't butter.

I occasionally run across stories in the news or see clips on the Internet that make me say "That can't be real". These things range from the tragic to the ridiculous. One sad example of this is the Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketting soldiers funerals and taunting their families. They also do stuff like that to other groups they hate, which includes just about everyone but themselves.  Apparently it's not a joke, they are just really messed up people.

Sometimes I can't tell what is real because the special effects are getting too realistic these days.Young kids today have no idea how crappy special effects used to be. With the technological advances of photo shop and CGI I sometimes questions the trick basketball shots by Dude Perfect and other amazing things I see on YouTube.

Most recently I have been astonished with the candidacy of Basil Marceaux who is running for Governor of Tennessee. He has gone viral on the Internet over the last month. Can this guy be real or is this just a joke on us and he is just acting out a character like Paul Reubens does with Pee Wee Herman? I still can't tell. He's a mix between Homestar Runner and Captain Kangaroo and he's either a lunatic or a genius. I still can't decide.

So, I'm kind of confused when it comes to reality. I guess seeing Inception didn't help things either.


Kristina P. said...

I fully believe unicorns are real.

mCat said...

For once, I am a little speechless. I think in his own mind - he is legit. However, maybe he should lay off the hooch a little bit.

Eric said...

Hahaha, Basil was so out there, I might not have to use nuts in my pesto anymore.

Gwen said...

Basil's legit. Says he wasn't drunk, that he only has three teeth.

The truth can be stranger than fiction.

Kal said...

It's because you damn Americans refused to elect Basis He could have saved us all and got that Mars program off the groud. There was nothing Basil could not have down without our support. The time of Basil came and went I am afraid.