Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Technology Predictions

When I was a little kid I grew up watching Star Trek and fully expected to have teleporting technology and food making microwaves by the time I was an adult. No luck with those yet, but my biggest disappointment is that we still don't have flying cars.

Don't tell me flying cars exist and we already have the technology for them. I've seen tons of magazine and newspaper articles claiming they already exist on a prototype basis, but just aren't mass produced yet. Well, until I see a car flying around in the air with my own eyes, I call BS on your newspaper article.

Despite my let down for flying cars, I have been impressed with other advances in technology. In 30 years we've gone from big tape players to smaller Walkmans to CD players to tiny MP3 players. This got me thinking about technology and I'd like to share three of my future technological predictions.

Implants- Not the kind you are probably imagining, although I'm sure those will only get more popular too. I'm referring to implanting small computer devices behind some one's ear that will give them access to cell phone coverage and anything else a smart phone can currently do. People could take pictures with their eyes and save it to the hard drive implant device and access it on a computer later.

Bionics- I think in the future, prosthetic and bionic body parts will improve and be more affordable for those who need them. They will also start making them in a quieter version that are not so noisy when you jump.

War- I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I've seen Terminator, The Matrix, and other movies that have warned us of the inevitable battle between humans and machines so I know what's in store. As we look to the future, we should get excited for the great advancements in technology that will either make our lives easier, or completely destroy the human race and bring us into bondage. Yes, your grandmother's instincts were right when she felt uncomfortable around the first personal computer she ever saw.


Kristina P. said...

I'm still hunkering down for 2012!

Eric said...

I was going to try to type the 'bionic sound', but all I could manage was a weak 'chng chng chng chng chgn chgn chn'

Cheeseboy said...

Your totally freaking me out man! I'm already petrified of robots. This line made me laugh out loud: until I see a car flying around in the air with my own eyes, I call BS on your newspaper article.

Laura said...

On the "flying cars" note:

Crystal Pistol said...

Yikes! All my worst nightmares revolve around a terminator type theme.

My children and I cower in my pantry, hiding from impending doom. I always find myself wringing my hands and wialing,

"Why did I NOT keep up on my food storage??!!"

Scary stuff man.

mCat said...

I always think about my grandma when the next piece of techno gadgetry comes out. How absolutley FREAKED she would be and declare it the second coming!