Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Family Code Words

I've noticed that some areas of the United States have different dialects, accents or words they use which are unique to that area. Distinctive accents from Boston, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Texas come to mind. I've also noticed that Utahns like to use the silent T which is ironic since they have such nice mountains, yet they pronounce them Mow-uns. In a similar vein, families sometimes have special substitute words in their vocabulary. I refer to these code words.

Some kids have been taught a family code word for safety purposes and emergencies so they know who to trust. The kind of words I'm talking about are ones that have a particular meaning specifically for your family or friends. They are kind of like an inside joke. I find these come in handy when you want to say something without really saying it. Below I've listed some words my family and some friends have used over the years. Some are the result of a little kid not being able to pronounce a word properly and others are just using a replacement word instead.

Note = milk
Beezoop = bathroom
Apple yah = Apple sauce
Scraps = bra
Chont = trunk
Vibrato = flatulence
Chi-shi = chicken poop

What are some of your family code words?  Try to keep them clean please.


Kristina P. said...

How often does chicken poop come up in a conversation with your kids?

Tom said...

Every time I walk in the back yard.

Lisa said...

I like bras as scraps because they are. I can't think of any family code that we use. We've got chicken poop in the backyard too but we call them chicken poop.

Rachael Harrie said...

Wow, most intriguing! I like the idea of "safe words", might have to give some thought to that with my family :)



Anonymous said...

My grandparents used 'Able' and 'Baker' for the types of 'going to the restroom' trips needed. Also 'Zebra' was for behind toots if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

I feel a little left out! Never had any family code words, BUT now's a good time to start. :-)

Cheeseboy said...

My wife and I do often have code words, but the clean thing...

We don't have code words, but we have tons of inside jokes that when we hear a certain word, we all start laughing.

Middle-aged Mormon Man said...

Vibrato? Hysterical. I'm sitting here waiting for the family to gather for scriptures and I burst out laughing. They all came in the room and I was still chuckling and wondering what was wrong with me. I don't think I'm going to tell them. I'm going to save it for the right moment.

mCat said...

fock-it-ball - basketball

burn on the fudge = burnt almond fudge ice cream

fluff - fart

Not my gumdrop buttons = you are pissing me off

laying cable = pooping

crafting = pooping

Just a few. The clean versions. : )

Bob Sanchez said...

I love the vibrato!