Saturday, August 6, 2011

Inflation and other depressing topics

A couple months ago I heard projections on the news that the cost of food and just about everything else would be going up noticeably this year. After spending time with my wife in the grocery store last week and watching her say "are you serious?" every time she saw the higher prices, I think that time has come.

The good news is that prices haven't gone up on everything. Some packages have just gotten smaller instead. I don't want to be a doom and gloom guy, but this does make me a little worried. Not so much about myself and my family, but more for other people That statement doesn't mean I'm well off or financially prepared, it just means we learned to scrimp and sacrifice a long time ago, but I think some people could be in for some big lifestyle changes and hardships if inflation really took off.

Speaking of depressing stuff, I hate stories about the great depression. They are depressing. Maybe that's why they named it that.

This picture still gets me no matter how many times I've seen it.
As bad as things may get, I don't think people today can make any comparison to the struggles and hardships people went through in the 30's. When I hear people say they can longer afford cable and now have to rely on Redbox for their entertainment or that they had to sell jet skis or a boat because of rough times, it doesn't even register on my pathos scale.

I try to be optimistic about the future, but if things get ugly down the road, I hope we are able to deal with them with resolve and determination while watching out for our fellow man. I also hope we don't become the subject for any John Steinbeck sequels. Sorry if I came across as Debbie Downer in this post. I will be more upbeat on my next one. I might even use color pictures.


Kristina P. said...

We definitely aren't as prepared as we should be. We should have a lot more money in savings.

Curtis W. Jackson said...

There is an future to be upbeat about Tom. The Bible foretold both in prophecy our troubled, modern day woes and soon in our lifetime, a peaceful and secured, paradise earth. There would be no more depressions and recessions. There would also be no more proverty, disease, sicknesses, crime, all sorts of injustices, war and other miseries under Jesus Christ kingship.
It is important people investigate theses scriptural proclamations objectively with a open mind, after it means our future's sake. Please feel free to consult with your local Jehovah's Witnesses and visit their non- profit website ( They will be happy to share these Biblical evidences of truth with you. It is up to the individual nonetheless to arrive to their own, truthful conclusions, thank you for hearing me out and good health to you.

Eric said...

No, the point of inflation is to *not* have more money in savings!!! Have more barter-able commodities, gasoline, cans of soup, rare minerals, rice and grains in vacuum sealed jars...

Inflation is the government's way of taxing without taxes, eventually pushing everyone into a higher % bracket, and reducing the amount of purchasing power.

You are right to be a downer because inflation is bad, and it's here. Things can always be worse though. What if China is angry that we are inflating the money and invades militarily to collect?
Morally, maybe they have a case?