Friday, November 4, 2011

My Hunger Strike

I have been very frustrated with the NBA lockout. It seems that neither side is willing to make the compromises that are needed to resolve the conflict. As a result, the fans are being hurt. In an attempt to put some extra pressure on David Stern and all of the league's superstars, I have decided to go on a hunger strike until the situation is resolved. I am dead serious about this.

Until the lockout is resolved, I will not eat the following foods:


Hopefully my sacrifice will motivate the league to resolve the situation with a greater sense of urgency.  I know my actions may sound extreme or even dangerous, but I miss seeing my daily NBA highlights and something has to be done.


Kristina P. said...

Wow, you are really the modern day Gandhi.

Pedaling said...

I'll join you...
my list:
gummy bears
fruit juice
In n Out

Kelly said...

Glad to see you taking the higher ground.

Kirk said...

Haha that made my day1

Eric said...

So the Mavericks will just get an extra year to be champions of the universe then. I'm not sure I see a downside...

mCat said...

LOL - I too could go on a hunger strike and leave some VERY serious offerings on the altar.

But, I will say this..... with the lockout, I suspect my bathroom will get finished after all. Suddenly Splenda has a lot of time on his hands : )