Friday, April 13, 2012

The Pinterest Dare

Since I am so cutting edge, I've decided to share some of my technological knowledge with the masses. In case you are a few years behind the times like me,  Pinterest is a website where you can customize an online pinboard full of digital images of things you like. It's kind of like scrapbooking without all the hassle since you can digitally plagerize.

Pinterest is geared more towards women than men, which is ironic since men are more visual. By the way, I recently checked my blog and realized that I have a 75 % female vs. a 25% male following. After analyzing this data, I've come to the obvious conclusion that Chaka's World is very much like Pinterest since it appeals to the fairer sex, and probably even more popular.

Anyway, I decided to get a Pinterst account. I first learned that they don't take just any old riff-raff off the street. You have to request an invitation or be invited, kind of like applying for a membership at a country club. After requesting an invitation, I was told to enjoy looking at some sample pins. I browsed and saw the typical boards have stuff like chocolate chip cookies, Johnny Dep, Zac Efron, designer clothes, pictures of fancy fingernail polish, etc. Yes it's a total chick thing, but I was still determined to sign up and make a masculine pin board.

As you can imagine, I hardly slept for a couple days and was relieved when I finally learned my request had been approved, and I was allowed to join. I clicked on the link and was told I needed sign up via my Facebook account. I was about to click "accept" when I noticed the small print indicating that they may update posts of some of my likes on FB on my behalf. I was not excited about that, but the real deal breaker was "you will be upgraded to Facebook Timeline". THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS! Since when is Timeline an upgrade? I have been fighting that change since it came out.

Here's the deal. If I get enough comments encouraging me to do so, I will be willing to take one for the team and will complete the Pinterest sign up and make the manliest pinboard ever, so this post is basically TO BE CONTINUED....

Stay tuned for my followup post, as well as future technology trend updates. I'm also considering getting a video membership at Blockbuster so I don't have to buy the VHS tapes I watch any more. I'll let you know how that goes.


Carmy said...

I think you shouldn't, it'll ruin your facebook life.

Kristina P. said...

I think I've used Pinterest twice. Of course, there is a super manly picture of The Hoff on my board.

Mary said...

I would love to see a "manly" Pinterest board. I double-dog dare you.