Friday, April 27, 2012

It's All About The Tools

I've never been much of a do it yourself guy and as a result I don't have the best tool collection. I would love to spend several thousand dollars some day at Lowes and stock up on some basic tools. When trying to do repairs, I usually get frustrated since I don't have the necessary tools to get the job done. This could be something as simple as not having the right saw. My brother in law is similar to me in this way. He once said his entire tool collection consisted of an empty cool whip container which contained a couple of screw drivers and a tape measure. I can relate.

My kind of patch up job.
I've always had a fantasy that the "This Old House" people would knock on my door because they needed a home to feature on their show, and they'd like to fix it up for free. I'm still waiting for that to happen. I had this twisted fantasy long before the popular home makeover shows came on the scene and they've only made things worse with all their "move that bus" drama. I guess I could always man up and learn to fix something myself.

Many times I've hired a repairman who comes and performs what ends up being a 5 second task because he has the appropriate tools. I locked my keys in my car once and called a locksmith. Within 10 seconds of arriving he had picked the lock and had the car open. It took him 4 times as long to write out the invoice than it did to open the car. I once had a furnace guy come out who used a special flexible camera to inspect a part of the furnace that was hard to get to. It was cool, but I paid out the nose for the use of his gadgetry.

I've always been intimidated by guys who can build and fix stuff so easily. Guys who add a wing on their home as part of a little weekend project or build a nice gazebo for their wife on a Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure how to compensate for my lack of the manly repair gene which is apparently very recessive. Maybe a monster truck would help.


mCat said...

Nah, don't go the Monster truck route, it will just make us question your manhood even further : )

And a piece of advice: If you do get adventerous and decide to start a project then, for the love of all that's holy - FINISH IT.

just sayin.....

tammy said...

I love the Lego fix. I would like to be married to a man who could just build me whatever I want whenever I wanted it.