Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Seasons of Life

I'm enjoying the recent arrival of spring weather and the feelings of hope and renewal that accompany it. I enjoy watching the seasons change and am grateful for the variety they provide. I think human development and life stages mimic nature and the seasons. Below I have some brief insights about life, development, and aging. The ages I have listed are approximate and I'm sure there are some exceptions like Benjamin Button, but for most people, I think these generalities hold true.

Spring goes from birth to age 25. You are still a spring chicken if you are in this category. Just because you are old enough to vote or drink doesn't mean you are old. These energetic folks are usually more open minded, naive, resilient, and have big dreams.

Summer probably runs from age 26-40. This is the prime of life when it comes to physical conditioning and health for most people. It is an exciting time as people start careers, families, and put more effort into leaving their mark on the world.

Fall is most likely in the age range of 41-65. I think this is the highlight of life as one matures and takes on new roles as grandparents while they continue to relate to and interact with the younger generation. The disadvantage is you are more likely to start paying attention to all of those pharmaceutical commercials you see on TV.

Winter is from age 65 until death. Some people have much longer winters than others. This time is marked by slower activity, greater wisdom, nostalgia for the past, and hopefully, feelings of completion and achievement.

I'm afraid doing this little exercise just made me kind of depressed when I realized I'm already in the Fall category. I try to fight aging as much as I can. Sometimes I feel like Creed from The Office when he dyed his hair black and came to work on a skateboard so he would appear younger.


King of New York Hacks said...

I'm in the fall too...guess we can say its going to be the most colorful part though heh heh heh

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm also a fall person, but I still feel like a spring