Thursday, June 14, 2012

High School Cliques

I was recently reminiscing about my high school years and was thinking about the different groups kids associate with. We all have obvious differences, preferences, and tastes, but it is kind of sad to see insecure teenagers labeled because they affiliate with a certain group. Here are the main cliques I remember

Jocks- I probably fit in this category since I enjoyed sports, but unfortunately, athletic ability was frequently accompanied by cockiness and pride.

Stuck up/mean girls-The female version of the jocks. Usually many cheerleaders were in this group. Why are good looks so frequently accompanied by so much attitude?

Stoners- These were the people who spent a good amount of their time out in the parking lot with the hacky sack and banned substances who avoided the class room whenever possible.

The Brains- The polar opposite of the stoners. These were honor students, Sterling scholars, and people who actually actually took their education seriously. I'm guessing many of these kids have PHD's as adults.

Nerds-These socially award kids were usually found in the library and often seen wearing pocket protectors with their sweater tucked into their underpants. In my day they were into dungeons and dragons.

Goths-There were only a few of these back when I was in high school and they hung out in C-Wing.. They were usually musicians or thespians who enjoyed being freaky different and dressing in black and going heavy on the makeup.

Cowboys-The FFA club members could be an intimidating group with their fleece lines Levi jackets, their CAT truck baseball caps and tight wranglers complete with the skoal ring in their back pocket.

Even though we all relate to different groups more than others, it's nice to be able to grow up and hopefully lose the labels. I guess we all become more alike once we start having kids, paying bills, and dealing with life.

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Unknown Mami said...

Hopefully, we get less insecure as we age.