Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who's Living in a Fantasy World?

With the recent Hobbit movie in theaters, I've been hearing a lot of geek chatter lately. I enjoy Fantasy and Science Fiction movies so I would classify myself in the Nerd / Geek category at times although I don't own any hobbit feet or Vulcan ears, and have not named any of my kids Legolas.

I think the stereotypical guys in their 30's living in their parents basement who are consumed with Fantasy role playing games get a bad rap. I know it's easy to label those who show up for movies looking like this and say they are living in a fantasy world.

But...before you go pointing fingers and accusing people like this of not being in touch with reality, I'd like to point out that there is a worse offender who has been getting off the hook for years.

I think it is actually more likely that a wizard would appear to you to send you on a quest with a magical sword and several companions to defeat a dark lord than it is that Fabio is going to show up at some housewife's doorstep with a rose in his mouth.

So who is the worse offender of living in a fantasy world, your middle earth enthusiasts or the regular Harlequin romance reader? Just a thought.

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