Thursday, February 12, 2009

Manly Blogging

As I've visited other blogs and have viewed other author's profiles I have noticed that there are far more active female bloggers than men. I have sometimes come across the blogs of enthusiastic mothers or female fitness enthusiasts who have large networks of followers since they have such similar interests. Many of them have elaborately decorated blogs with buttons and awards from all sorts of groups they are members of. Sometimes I've enjoyed reading their posts but I've been reluctant to comment since 99 % of the followers are women and I feel out of place. Let me just say this. I am a man and I blog.

So in the spirit of testosterone I'd like to post an insensitive, sweaty, rugged, manly post. This post is dedicated to the following men:

  1. Guys who test drive trucks on dangerous courses with giant exploding obstacles that feature a brake test on the edge of the Grand Canyon.
  2. Guys who not only love to hunt but prefer to kill their prey with their bare hands.
  3. Guys who viciously dunk a basketball on their opponent and then stare them down after.
  4. Guys who are participants in strong man contests who can pull double decker buses uphill.
  5. Guys who work in construction or at oil refineries (the hard hat industries) and come home from work covered in dirt or oil.
  6. Guys who prefer to eat their meal straight out of the can. They don't need no stinking plates and utensils.
  7. And any others I may have missed like mechanics, bull riders, truckers, and anyone who loves heavy machinery and power tools.

If you fit any of the above criteria or if you are just a normal guy and have been reluctant to blog let me assure you that it is ok. There are many great blogs that are authored by men. You are actually reading one right now. If you think you are too tough for this type of activity you can always start one with a woman's pen name. Some women authors did this when writing was considered a man's professions. Mary Ann Evans submitted her work under the name of George Elliot. If your name is Brutus Strong you could submit your posts under the pen name Leslie Golightly. If you still have reservations and are concerned that blogging will hurt your macho image, just remember it is still not as wussy as scrap booking.


The Mauermans said...

I thought I was manly enough- yet failed to qualify on any of the "tough guy" descriptions you listed. About halfway through the list I thought "who am I kidding none of those guys would be reading this blog, that alone probably qualifies me for a sissy.


Kristina P. said...

I read somewhere that more men actually have blogs than women, but in my blogging experience, that isn't the case.

I also find there are a high number of Mommy blogs.

This post is so funny!

Kelly said...

Nice Manly Post Chaka! I think I started grinding my teeth while reading. I follow 3 man-written blogs. Yours is maybe the best one : )

PS you should look up 'the Jolly Porter' by C. Clark. Matt Goes Hunting is written by our former classmate and Chris's older Brother. Enjoy!

chalin said...

This really reminds me of a funny youtube video I saw recently -->

A montage of "manly" things haha.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

And still yet another reason why I love you so, Chaka!