Monday, September 14, 2009


September is my favorite month for several reasons, one of which is the perfect weather. As the remaining days of warm weather are beginning to slip away, I'd like to pay tribute to a refreshing summer treat. I like popsicles, but for a while I refused to buy them because of the inevitable tantrums and trauma they caused in my family. All one had to do was say the word "popsicle" and my two youngest kids would drop to the ground writhing in agony until they got one. I think that kind of behavior is childish and pathetic and that is why I refrain from doing it when we have guests over at our house.

I'm guessing there is some kind of addictive substance in a popsicle that makes you crave another one as soon as you finish eating the first. It's not so much that I mind my kids eating frozen junk food that is high in sugar. I hate finding wrappers and sticks around the house and yard, but it's the stickiness that I really I can't stand. It drives me crazy watching little kids eat ice cream cones or popsicles and not be able to stay ahead of the melting. I think it should be a right of passage for a kid once they are able to eat their first popsicle without letting any drip on them and get sticky.

This has been a common sight at my home for years. Most little children don't even realize when they are sticky. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I have used my straight arm technique to protect myself from sticky kids who are trying to give me a hug when I come home from work. I will clean them up and hug them after, but if I don't protect myself, the dry cleaning bills are just too high.

Even though I am meticulous and neat when I eat sticky food, I am still a pig when it comes to quantity. I eat popsicles like Kobayashi and Joey Chesnut eats hot dogs. I basically de-bone them (pull the stick out and swallow them). My favorite flavors are root beer, lime, and grape. I hope you enjoy this great time of year before the depressing winter months descend upon us.
This post was approved by the National Popsicle Foundation


Kristina P. said...

My husband is addicted to Otter Pops. He leaves the damn tops of the wrappers all over.

Kelly said...

What about banana? That flavor used to be the best until they got rid of it. Root beer is also a favorite of mine tough.

Love the photo!

Eric said...

Hahah, 'straight arm technique', like football?
Popsicles are great, no doubt... Way better than the 'flavorice' that might have made you cough when a kid.

Kimberly said...

Mmmmm. Popsicles.

Oh, yes, the sticky kids. I have those. And they love to make other things, like the couch sticky. Or weird places like a dime size spot in the hallway, where they didn't even go while eating said popsicle. It amazes me how far the sticky will go!

Joanna Jenkins said...

That is the sweetest face ever!